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Rockstars Wanted – We are hiring!

Our DNA is – Innovation, Integrity and Fun. Since 2004, the year of inception of Sigma, we have focused on just one thing – building perpetually efficient, self-motivated and close-knit teams of geeks and problem solvers.. This is the reason we have been growing steadily – no haphazard growth, but a growth with firm and deep roots. We are proud to say that many a discerning people like you have grabbed the opportunities created by Sigma and not only helped us grow, but have themselves grown in proportions that they had never thought of. They are Sigma’s Rock Stars! You are invited to meet with our Rock Stars, to help you decide why you should join Sigma, if you are looking for breaking the monotony of working in an organization that has limited opportunities, limited breathing space. Welcome to Sigma!.

Available Positions

5-10 years
Ahmedabad, Bangalore

Job Responsibilities: Technical Skills Magento ,PHP, Zend, Web services, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL / Oracle / PostgreSQL Desired Skills Leading multiple…

5-6 years

No of open positions: 2   Responsibilities: New business acquisition, responsible for the complete sales life cycle including prospecting, qualification, proposal,…

8-12 years
Ahmedabad, Bangalore

No of openings:1 Location:Ahmedabad/Bangalore Responsibilities: Be an evangelist for adoption of industry best practices and always being on the lookout…

5-8 years

Job Description:: AWS Certification. Experience of working on AWS, DevOps concepts, Shell scripts, Chef Recipes or Puppet Modules Programming skills…

4 - 8 years

Number of Positions : 2  Required Skills: Min 4+ yrs experience in developing Web applications in ROR framework with ability…

5-8 years
Ahmedabad, Bangalore

Responsibilities: Work with, and help lead, the team to build high-quality web pages and user interfaces for web applications. Build…

Life at Sigma

The Life at Sigma: We create innovative solutions for our clients each day. This is challenging and Rock Stars love. Life is full of vigor and vitality, zeal and zest, and give and take each day. It offers you opportunities to learn each day and grow at an expedited pace. It provides avenues for you to contribute.  In essence, you touch chords across the organization with bubbling energy that you possess.

Work Culture: Supportive. That is the one word that truly defines how we work here. We not only provide support on work front, but also share a bond with you on personal front. Be it your creativity that is looking for vent, or your aspirations to collaborate on various fronts, we are right there.

Robust Communication Forums: We have established avenues to reach out to people, and encourage them to reach out to anyone within the organization irrespective of the so-called hierarchy. Proactively, we seek your views, ideas and concerns through forums such as “What’s On Your Mind?”, “All Hands Meet”, “Anonymous Employee Satisfaction Survey”, and “Annual Appraisal Meetings”.

Flat Organization and Open Door Policy: Any organization that desires to deliver sustained growth will need an appropriate structure. And that is the only significance of roles at Sigma. In terms of work culture Sigma is a flat tea,. Seniors work directly with teams and collaborate to resolve day-to-day challenges. They can be approached without any formalities. That, truly is the open door policy at Sigma.

Feisty and Fiery: We at Sigma boast of sportsmanship in its most literal form. The Sigma clubs fosters employee’s interests in a wide spectrum of literary, cultural and sporting skills and the related activities of these throughout the year keeps the atmosphere at Sigma lively and fun.

Learning & Career Development: Mark Twain has said “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” To give you the edge, we have made learning a keystone of work culture. The performance driven Career Development Plan for the employees has been drawn by offering effective mix of training programs, seminars and workshops to hone technical as well as soft skills. To encourage our employees for Career Advancement Programs (CAP), we encourage and support them to acquire the relevant certifications to sharpen their technical strength. We also encourage our colleagues to go for in-house cross training programs, if they wish to get a broader perspective to be ready for higher roles, or even to switch over from one technology to the other. Considering the fact that we are into Product as well as Services, think how much learning and career development can be in store for technically strong people!

Rewards & Recognition: Rewards and recognition system is a gesture of appreciation of those of us who walk the extra mile at Sigma. At Sigma, rewards are driven by employees, not management s. One of such awards that recognizes the talent of a person spontaneously and immediately is Spot Award. Quarterly Appreciation award is given to Sigma’ites for their outstanding performance delivered during a quarter. Here too, employees nominate their colleagues. They can nominate more than one colleague too. Loyalty Bonus, another milestone based recognition, is given to those who complete 3, 5, 7, and 10 years with us.

The above are a few of the reasons that some of our colleagues have rejoined Sigma. It is not that there are no good organizations around, it is possibly because we are twelve years old, yet lean and different!

If you are motivated by what we offer, and want to join our Rock Stars, please write to us on careers@sigmainfo.net or connect with us through Facebook and LinkedIn.

In case you did not find something that you are looking for, or have any suggestions or queries, please write to us on sigmahr@sigmainfo.net. We value your time and feedback.