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Application Re-engineering Service

Application Re-engineering Service

Sigma offers you the opportunity to upgrade your superannuated web-based applications to Grails/Groovy, the futuristic framework and platform that is a notch higher than traditional Java J2EE. More importantly, you can upgrade to the platform without changing the basic structure of your application even a single bit. Sigma’s Application Re-engineering Service is aimed at upgrading the existing legacy systems seamlessly and without affecting the existing components.

What Sigma offers

Sigma’s Application Re-engineering Framework is different from many existing solutions for a variety of reasons. Here below is a quick glimpse of what Sigma offers:

  •  DBMS (Database Management System) to RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) upgrading and three-tier architecture.
  • Character-based programming interface for easier web migration.
  • Oracle 3.0/4.5 forms migration.
  • Apps migration in compliance with SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).
  • Windows migration to Open Source.
The Sigma Way of Re-engineering

Sigma’s modus operandi for Grails Application Re-engineering follows a proven effective methodology, which ensures impeccable output within shortest turnaround time. The roadmap for reengineering falls in line with the specific needs and vision of the respective clients. The final remodeling architecture addresses the sophisticated technology requirements for upgrading existing systems and adding more functionality to the same. Sigma employs modern technologies, namely Grails/Groovy framework to make significant changes in existing systems.

Grails Application Re-engineering Framework Advantages
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Reduces maintenance costs on traditional application frameworks.
  • Reduces risks of shortcoming or unavailability of resources.
  • Facilitates organizations and people in becoming accustomed with changed business environments.
  • Enables process leaders to review, improve and optimize processes easily and more efficiently.

Sigma’s Grails Application Re-engineering Service has been instrumental in enhancing business performance. A preferred choice for many businesses across diverse industries, Sigma continues to offer its application upgrading services to its client, powered by Grails.