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BIRT Consulting Services

Sigma Infosolutions is a market leader when it comes to enabling Java or Java EE based clients and web applications with reporting and business capabilities. In order to accomplish this objective, we use BIRT business intelligence as one of the most effective measures.


BIRT reporting tools are open source Eclipse-based systems that help in producing accurate and compelling reports, only to fuel your Business Intelligence strategies further. The basic characteristic of this tool is to integrate a spectrum of reporting disciplines with a specific application. Thanks to BIRT analytics that derives relevant data from a spectrum of sources, you will be able to figure out the most appropriate strategic measures in a timely manner, only to ensure uninterrupted progress and prosperity for your business.

At Sigma Infosolutions, we connect the reporting disciplines of your enterprise with the main Finance/ERP system or application. In this way, generation of virtual business report becomes a cost-effective and instantaneous from any center of your business or enterprise.

How Does BRIT Connect with the Application?

As an open source reporting software, BIRT has the accessibility to a number of data sources, namely – JDO Databases, JFire Scripting Sources, SQL databases, and POJOs. The design for BIRT report also uses several paths, such as, XML, Java, XSL-FO, XSLT and XPath to establish the link with the main source (in this context the client’s main Finance/ERP system or application). With BIRT report designs your enterprise will attain the infrastructure and amenities in terms of designing, deployment, report generation through exclusive/non-generalizable (ad-hoc) tools. In addition, BIRT further complements these reports by adding features like Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and special functionality to the BI dashboard. In case of several other BI reporting applications, the data is derived from specific data warehouses. BIRT developers, by taking help of this tool, create the exact facilities that help in creation of these data warehouses.

How Does Sigma Infosolutions Help?

Sigma Infosolutions has the expertise, resources and experience in integrating BIRT big data analysis system with your payment system/application. With this open source project report generation and reception of any transaction or data sorting and consequent aggregation of the same becomes a seamlessly integrated process. Enterprise owners can also receive reports or prepare charts for future projection in a lucid, understandable way. In this business world, where finding the balance between time and correct information is highly relevant, yet it is still a rarity, BIRT provides you with comprehensive solution to the problem.

So, trust Sigma Infosolutions when it comes to implementation and flawless execution of BIRT framework to solve issues with reporting and developing Business Intelligence with perfect adherence to the nature of your enterprise and business operations.