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Pentaho Business Intelligence Platform

pentaho-certified-partnersPentaho business analytics and consulting services offered by Sigma Infosolutions provides end-to-end management, analysis of the expanding data-pool of new-age enterprises.

We understand how important it is for our clients to implement the relevant data at the right time, only to ensure overall growth in the current market scenario. Generating business intelligence and constructive data warehousing is an extensive process, hailing from an assortment of industry related factors. Naturally, such data analysis and the process of implementing relevant data to overall Business Intelligence becomes time consuming enough for an enterprise that wishes to accomplish the desired objective.

Why Pentaho?

Pentaho is your comprehensive solution provider to reporting. The Pentaho business analytics derive data from a vast range of data warehouses, and in order to make this happen, it bears the SSO (single sign-on) feature. It means once you log-in to the platform, automatically your Pentaho dashboard gets connected with multiple applications and databases, relevant for your reporting. This facility also enables you to generate report in multivarious formats, namely – HTML, Excel, CSV, PDF, RTF. Considering the magnitude of benefits Pentaho agile BI has to offer, many experts consider it one of the most efficient open source business intelligence tools. In addition, interactive visual analysis and gro-mapping features that this tool integrates, make Pentaho an absolute necessity for those who are searching for advanced strategy development insight.

Pentaho is one of the most effective open source business intelligence sources that comprehensively help in developing, designing and implementing analytics only to accelerate the process to attain success. Pentaho software is highly accurate with data mining and makes it quite simple for an enterprise to implement the results derived within the business intelligence in a timely manner. Another great advantage of using Pentaho Consulting Services is the guarantee to receiving the ROI (return on investment) within significantly short duration, by minimizing and overcoming the obstacles against business objectives.

Why Us?

Sigma Infosolutions has already established itself as a renowned Pentaho developer in the global scale. We have the necessary expertise and infrastructure to deliver qualified consultation and perform business analytics implementation in a manner that it accelerates the time not only to lead the market but also ensures overall success. We understand that modern day enterprises need partners who can take care of these intricate aspects without affecting normal productivity. Sigma Infosolutions, through Pentaho consulting services, performs this very role. Our Pentaho consulting comprises several open source business intelligence tools, such as:

  • Pentaho report
  • Pentaho analysis
  • Pentaho dashboard creation
  • Data integration via Pentaho (also known as KETTLE)
  • Data mining
  • Pentaho Business Intelligence Suit creation for Hadoop
  • Integrating necessary application with the framework
  • Performance tuning

Sigma Infosolutions has elevated itself as a certified partner of Pentaho. The Pentaho BI platform we have prepared is nothing more than a dashboard, which is based on an efficient, open source BI tool. This platform helps our clients to churn out the relevant data, analyze it and facilitate them in finding the loopholes in the network that may obstruct the process of data comprehension. Pentaho Consulting Services by Sigma Infosolutions is your one-stop access to constructive and productive management of enterprise data, develop your unique business intelligence suit and contextual application of the same that keeps you steps ahead of your competitors.

Pentaho Development Services

  • Complete BI infrastructure setup and maintenance
  • Data Integration from multiple sources/types and Data mining algorithms
  • Data consolidation, Cleansing and Warehousing
  • Reporting and Dashboard development
  • Integration of Fusion charts, Highcharts, etc.
  • Defining OLAP cubes and MDM setup
  • Analytical (Slice-n-dice) , Interactive/Ad-hoc reporting
  • Integration and analytics with NoSQL and BigData (Mongo, HBase, Cassandra)
  • Custom ETL plugin development
  • SSO and Security provisioning
  • Performance tuning and optimization

Pentaho Development Portfolio

  • Comprehensive BI Solution through Pentaho BI suite for a Leading Energy Company in US
  • Webservices based Data Integration & Reporting for Real-time financial assistance to achieve electric efficiency goals for Business users
  • Built the Whole Gamut of Reporting Features for a B2Bi EDI Solution Provider in North America
  • Web based reporting system for a leading natural gas and crude oil information provider in North America
  • Online Reputation Management Solution
  • Custom Reporting Platform for EMS Service provider in US

With Pentaho consulting services from Sigma Infosolutions you will be able to review strategic business analytics on a period basis, explore newer strategies that will help your enterprise to grow further and find out suitable contexts for implementing them.