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Sigma’s established Online Retail and eCommerce practice offers state of the art technology and consulting expertise, which helps merchants to achieve end-to-end solutions for their growing business needs and emerging technology challenges.


  • Platform and Merchant Services
  • Consulting & Technology
  • Specialized Services
  • Integration Services
  • Mobile Commerce

Technology Expertise:

  • eCommerce: Magento, Magento 2.0, EPIServer, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal Commerce
  • OMS & ERP: Openbravo, OpenERP
  • CRM: Salesforce, SalesLogix, Infor
  • POS: Openbravo
  • Custom Extension Development


Retail Business Analytics

Is your business agile enough to respond to the transformations in retail? The retail landscape is constantly evolving with the next generation of consumers demanding instant gratification and seamless experience across all channels. Some of these challenges are:

  • Shorter product lifecycles and order-to-fulfillment cycles.
  • Customer engagement and conversions.
  • Changing consumer behavior within social media including social networks playing a major role in decision making.
  • Varied channels for research, information on peer experiences and defined purchase decisions.
  • New opportunities such as inventory consolidation and rationalization exist as there is a need to meet dynamic consumer demand in the shortest possible time with consistent user experience across all channels.

Why BI and Analytics is an absolute must for retail businesses?

Sigma Infosolutions is a leading provider of quality business intelligence consulting and development in retail space. The retail industry is increasingly becoming reliant on entity building as multi-channel platforms to keep an accord with their changing roles. In order to ensure that every segment of the platform is fulfilling respective responsibilities, separate target is assigned. However, each wing of the retail platform needs to perform certain tasks or strategic steps that conjointly help in achieving respective targets. The BI development services by Sigma Infosolutions are aimed at developing the business intelligence that would help attaining these strategic steps successfully. At the same time, creation of BI reporting solutions with our top notch analytics helps in relevant decision making, contributing to the overall success of a retail chain.

The Recipe for Success in Retail:

The four major components that form recipe of success in retail are:

  • Introducing diversity in stock-keeping units and avoiding out-of-stock situations
  • Highlighting brand primacy
  • Respecting and rewarding customer loyalty
  • Generating sales by strategically combining the above-mentioned aspects

Why Sigma Infosolutions?

We prescribe you with the exact methods that would help attain your goal and come up with a business model that address each component holistically and to provide you with the necessary Insights on customers’ requirements and preferences. Based on the results (business data) derived from various channels we help you to come up with the most convincing BI approach.

We provide you with a collaborative platform that give you a window to ponder over factors that have helped you attain success or failure. In this way, you get to know accurately of the strategic steps/practices that have helped you to achieve your target successfully or measures that have failed you. Based on these findings you will have the window of opportunity to make prompt, timely decisions to fulfill the next set of targets.

At Sigma Infosolutions, we implement some of the most advanced analytics tools such as Pentaho, Jaspersoft and BIRT that derive, analyze, manage data from various enterprise applications and deliver you with the most convincing analytics that simply accelerate your decision making process, concerning the overall growth of your retail chain.

Some of the major benefits that you enjoy by using BI services are:

  • Systematic business intelligence data warehousing and comprehensive analysis of the relevant data that leads to generation of crucial decision making insights for brand promotion or boosting sales
  • Gainful insights of your customers’ purchasing behavior
  • Benefits with the decision making process in terms of solving issues related to product storage, timely delivery, determination of the price and finally, sales promotion

Despite making huge investments in developing and deploying state-of-the-art enterprise applications for data warehousing and data analysis things can get complicated with disparate data sources and making sense of it all. By opting to work with us, you ensure that your retail businesses stay miles ahead of competitors.

An absolute necessity for eCommerce Businesses

Data pervade all areas of your business. Most ecommerce businesses have their data spread across CRM, ERP, WMS, Google Analytics, excel, email and other systems. Business insights through analysis of customer, competition, sales and inventory data influence decisions and impact your Company’s revenue prospects and operations effectiveness.

Create, validate, and modify your eCommerce strategy with our BI consulting and development services. We provide you with affordable BI solutions for your eCommerce business to grow and sustain success