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Grails Over J2EE or Ruby on Rails or JRuby

Grails Over J2EE or Ruby on Rails or JRuby

Being one of the lighthouse adopters of Grails/Groovy platform, Sigma also offers jQuery development solutions. The company has been developing interdependent web applications using both Grails/Groovy and jQuery as application development platforms for quite a few years now. Grails Application Development professionals make intelligent use of the lightweight JavaScript library, jQuery, to enhance web applications.

Why use jQuery during Grails Application Development?

jQuery is a JavaScript library commonly used by developers around the world. Like Dojo or YUI, this is also considered a standard web 2.0 plug-in and is quite useful in form validation. Grails Web Application Development professionals @Sigma have chosen jQuery for its myriad advantageous features that are immensely helpful in developing Grails applications. jQuery also helps in Ajax development which is seemingly a complex process. Sigma’s Grails development team uses jQuery extensively and almost in every application development project. Besides, they also make use of jRuby, jMesa and jqGrid for paginated and classifiable list and grid views. jQuery is used in inline form validation and in making dynamic web 2.0 pop-ups for Grails Mobile Development .

jQuery in Grails Applications

A number of standard web 2.0 features can be created using jQuery and other sorts of lightweight JavaScript libraries and plug-ins. Some of the standard features that can be found in Sigma’s developed Grails applications area:

  • Drag/drop features
  • Turnkey and fully configurable widgets
  • Plug-ins/pop-ups
  • Theme based User Interfaces
  • Rich graphics User Interfaces

Besides jQuery, Sigma’s Grails Application developers are also equipped with all the latest tools that are fully compatible with Grails, a futuristic platform for web application development.