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Magento 2 Migration Challenges & Tips for Store Owners

Magento 2 Migration Challenges Continued

As you may have understood from our earlier post on key data Migration challenges, that while migrating to Magento 2 is definitely rewarding it does require expert guidance from an experienced partner. I wanted to bring forth few more challenges merchants may have to encounter while upgrading to Magento 2.0 which is again based on experience of upgrading our current set of clients from Magento 1.x. In conclusion to this two part series I will also highlight few migration tips which will help store owners to make better decisions & ultimately have a more rewarding migration experience.

Magento2 Theme based Challenges

Cart not Displaying Correct Summary Count
In one of our recent projects, we installed a new Magento 2 Custom theme. Even after the theme was installed, Cart count in the Minicart was displaying Incorrect. Custom theme has created its own template for displaying Minicart but there was an error with the js code for calculating cart count.
Solution: We added condition in template file to display the count and solve this challenge.

Tax Amount not displaying in Cart Page
Magento has options that allow you to set up a complex system of taxation. You can define product tax classes and assign them to products, set up customer tax classes and associate customer groups with a particular tax class, you can set up the percent of the tax depending on the region/state and country of the customer (it can be based on the shipping or billing address, or on the shipping origin). Tax rules combine all these aspects to determine the actual tax based on the products in the cart (and the tax class assigned to these products), the customer group to which the customer belongs and the billing/shipping address of the customer.
We configured Tax rule for some Countries, Tax amount is being displayed fine in Checkout page but in Cart page, it was not displaying. Also it was not getting added to Grand total too. We are facing this issue when we enable Custom Theme.
Solution: We would need to add some lines in checkout_cart_index.xml file under Magento_Checkout/Layout in theme Directory.

Magento2 Core Challenges
Magento 2.1 Authorize.net not redirecting to failure or success page
The trade is all about payments and purchases. And e-Commerce is not exclusion. Magento 2 platform enables you to implement a bunch of payment methods that can be easily activated to use in your store. Even the default methods let you receive payments in the number of ways.

We faced Indefinite Spinner showing in payment step, when we choose Authorize.net to pay using credit card. By default it should display error message or process the order and redirect to success page.

Here is the exact issue faced with Authorize.net Direct Post.

  1. If we use wrong settings in the backend regarding the Merchant MD5, Transaction Key and API Login ID, We get to see the Warning “Sorry, but something went wrong. Please contact the seller.”
  2. As soon as we tried to use the correct authorize.net settings, We got like “An error occurred on the server. Please try to place the order again.” warning for a short while, and after that THE INDEFINITE SPINNER. In this case, in the authorize.net interface, We are seeing a declined transaction – so the settings must be correct and transaction itself is successfully forwarded from Magento to authorize.net.
  3. We have used HTTPS for all pages.

Solution: We found the issue lies with the js file for the Indefinite spinner, so we created a custom module to Override the js file and fixed the issue, after that we were able to place the order successfully using Authorize.net Direct post.


Migration Tips to Store Owners

Now that I have shared fair bit of the challenges we faced with the migration from a technical perspective, let’s talk about what the store owners need to be aware of when migrating from older version of Magento to Magento 2.1

  • Migration is not a one day task. A pre and post migration plan is absolutely necessary
  • Hire a Magento expert with experience in migration. You don’t want to lose all the data collected through the years by trying to save on cost.
  • Setup the staging server to first to verify proper migration and hosting capability.
  • Don’t just focus on nice UI/UX in new platform but also think for its compatibility with old platform.
  • Adding more features to your old platform is the aim behind migration; let the website stabilize after the migration. Start adding new features when the website is running smoothly on new platform, but not along with the migration.

I am hoping this was valuable information for merchants & developers who are currently considering upgrading or are in the process of migration. In case you have any specific questions, queries and even more challenges to add on to this list please go ahead and post in the comments section below.

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