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Finding Where Grails Is Different from Conventional Java Platforms

Grails is one of the most advanced web application frameworks that use the Groovy language (which is a Java platform based programming language). The Grails web app development framework follows the ‘coding by convention’ concept, thus offering a complete development environment that hides less important configuration details from the developers for facilitating them to write programs in an agile manner. [...]

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Four Salient Benefits of Using Grails Framework for Application Development

Businesses are changing their modus operandi from brick-and-mortar to click-and-enter type to reduce operational costs and to tread into unexplored markets. For this reason only, hundreds web-based applications have been developed of late to meet the growing demands of the business owners and their customers alike. Grails is a full-scale web application development framework which is considered highly advantageous for [...]

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A Broad Stroke Overview of Grails Web App Development Framework

Grails is an advanced web development framework which is based on Groovy. As there are miscellanea of web app development frameworks available now, a developer who is familiar with Java framework may doubt the need for just another application development platform or framework. Grails web app development, for a thing, is not just another framework. It is indeed a significant [...]

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Advantages of Using Grails in Today’s Fast Changing Business Scenario

Business processes are rapidly transforming around the world and across industries. Companies have realized the mantra of survival in the changed business scenario, one who reaches the market faster than others becomes the winner. This rule is applicable to independent software vendors and enterprises alike. If your business is committed to transport a solution to your customers via the web [...]

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