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Odoo Magento Connector

Our team of experts developed Data Bridge that connects two systems Odoo ERP and Magento e-Commerce. This ensures seamless integration of Magento with Odoo ERP.

Following are the key features:

  • Multi-categories support
  • Support for configurable products
  • Bidirectional synchronization of master data
  • Data sync history on each entity basis with time, status is displayed to user

This connector is designed to have a strong and efficient core, with the ability to extend it with extension modules or local customisation.

In default Odoo, the core module has the minimal scope to run your e-commerce with Odoo and Magento. More advanced features are installable using this connector.

The below business entities are supported for synchronisation

  • Automatic processing of stock data updates
  • Import Website Store and Store Views
  • Import/Export Attribute Group/Name/Values
  • Import/Export Product Categories
  • Import/Export Simple Products with Images
  • Export Configurable Products with Images
  • Export Product Stock
  • Import Customers
  • Import Orders & Order Status

Versions Supported

Odoo ERP: 

Community Edition – 8.0

Enterprise Edition – 8.0


Community Edition – 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Professional Edition – 1.12, 1.13