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Openbravo ERP

Executive Summary

Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its expertise on Open Source, Openbravo ERP to architect and implement the ERP along with its web engine for a webstore company in North America. The ERP application is an automated engine which allows the Client to monitor, analyze and manage, forecast and helps in strategizing real-time business decisions on the performance of various high-level business objectives. Built on Open Source and Openbravo ERP, the application extends numerous customization capabilities and can achieve more automation through little enhancement.

Facts about Openbravo:
  • Two million downloads.
  • Estimated abandonment rate 90%.
  • 200 paying customers.
  • There are between 1,500 and 4,000 customers in 27 countries.
The Client

The company specializes in B2B online shopping platform (webstore) and is one of the largest shopping audience online for a specific industry. Headquartered in North America, it services a host of international clients online.

Business Case

The client has Webstore system which could be sufficient enough to interface the end user. However it did not have an effective automated order fulfillment and inventory management. The client was looking for an efficient financial and accounting system to be integrated. The client did not want any different systems, as it could lead to increased system maintenance and the problem of interoperability.

The client envisioned a versatile, dynamic, and an interactive portal for their service space. Sigma Infosolutions proposed ERP system, the only solution which has effective inventory management that integrates with better finance and accounting management system. The system can achieve more automation through little enhancement. With this vision, the client approached Sigma Infosolutions to build this application from concept to an end product.

Business Benefits
  • Monthly technical availability is more than 98%.
  • An empowered solution to optimize processes across the retail supply chain.
  • Complete set of data, functioning alarms in real-time.
  • Ongoing operating costs at or better than budget.
  • Low system Overhead and lower support costs.

B2B Online Shopping Platform Company headquartered in North America.


The client had a hard time managing billing operations. One typical scenario, suggests item is discovered, “Not in stock after print/ collate generated.” This ideally means that the inventory is available in stock, whereas there is a probability that the item may have been damaged. Also this will be realized only before packing which will leave you with no solution.

  • Second scenario would be,  when the requested item has been discontinued by the supplier and next edition is readily available, and thus it becomes almost impossible to meet buyers expectation.
  • Third scenario would be, a potential “uneditable order.”This would be an order where the pick collate is generated, but before the item is shipped, the customer calls to change the order.

To resolve the first scenario, we developed “On Hold” status as a solution for this problem with the combination of manual process. Exceptional Order need to be moved to “On Hold” state. The replacement item could be ordered and once it comes back in stock, the item can be combined to the order in the holding area. For second scenario, remove or replace that item from the order. In third scenario, we can physically intercept the order before it leaves the warehouse.


Sigma Infosolutions’ Openbravo team successfully compiled the ERP architecture required for the project. We effectively setup the continuous integration infrastructure along with Client’s existing Webstore application.

Key Modules Developed
  • Webstore with Openbravintegration.
  • Webstore sync through RESTfull web services.
  • Dropship Orders.
  • Blanket Orders.
  • Multi Pay (scheduled way of payment collection).
  • Shipment Integration with various shippers (FedEx, UPS, USPS).
  • Pick/pack list, collate forms, automated printing (Configure printers would print collate form automatically on pre-printed form).
  • Inventory Locator/Storage Bin hold (Product items would be moved treal storage bin from hold once after QA process gets over.
  • Automated Program Billing.
  • General Ledger dual posting.
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sun JDK
  • Apache Ant
  • Apache Tomcat
Next Phase

The next phase includes integrating Openbravo ERP with market places like amazon and ebay.

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