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Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

Enterprise data has grown exponentially over the last decade. Increased competition, thinning margins, distributed workforce, etc. are some of the challenges that the extended enterprise has to deal with.

However this massive data pool, within itself, has intelligence that can help enterprise drive key strategic decisions to outdo competition. But only deploying a Business Intelligence application or hiring a BI Consultant is not enough. Enterprise needs a partner that understands the business impact of such data and can mine the exact intelligence that enterprise needs. It's not just about diagrams and dashboards. It's about the right information at the right time that can impact the balance sheet and market share.

Sigma Infosolutions understands the value of data and provides Business Intelligence offerings that suit business needs. Our efficient processes and best practices ensure that you optimize every dollar of investment. With a pool of highly experienced developers across various industry verticals, armed with certifications in leading OSBI frameworks like Pentaho, Jaspersoft and Talendand BIRT, Sigma Infosolutions' BI team seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and work flows to work with data as non-intrusively as possible. Sigma Infosolutions understand the impact of every engagement on the customer's bottom-line and constantly strive to achieve optimum benefits to present Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution.

Reporting Dashboard Data Warehouse & ETL Technology
    Enterprise reporting solutions produces reports and ad hoc reports that drive business activities. Sigma Infosolutions supports business users with the combination of powerful authoring tools and a highly scalable solution to manage business logic, evaluate data, and present real time information effectively with the help of pre-built reports. Sigma Infosolutions specializes in producing both data-focused ad hoc queries and presentation-focused ad hoc reports. In addition to the large array of customization features the reports developed are capable of performing many advanced statistical analysis features. What are we best in?
  • Configure your own reports

  • Robust export features

  • Create reports dynamically

  • Ad Hoc Reports

  • Real Time Reporting

  • Monitor multiple data sources simultaneously

  • Use Multimedia features

  • View real-time and historical data

  • Dig-up information quickly

  • Embedded Reporting

    Sigma Infosolutions provides a complete array of Dashboard development, deployment and support services for end user applications. Enterprise Businesses with large variable data needs real time overview of where the business stands and make informed real-time business decisions. Custom designed dashboards generate business intelligence reports aligned to KPI’s which ensures quick and easy measure while operating business goals and directives at peak efficiency. Our experts deploy the solution quickly and effectively identifying opportunities to increase productivity. What are we best in?
  • Personalised View and Access

  • Powerful Drill-Down

  • Element Linking or Drill across

  • Automatic Refresh

  • Flexible Formats

    Most companies expect that transaction processing systems will complete their tasks in an acceptable time. If reports and queries run on the transaction server, they will occupy server processing resources and increase the transaction processing time beyond acceptable limits. Sigma Infosolutions helps clients to avoid this situation and implement a data warehousing solution. What are we best in?
  • Architecture & Design

  • Data Migration & ETL

  • Modeling

  • Data Mining

  • Performance Optimization

  • Enterprise Data Management

    Open Source BI Tools Pentaho Service Offerings
  • Pentaho Reporting

  • Pantaho Analysis

  • Pentaho Dashboards

  • Pentaho Data Integration (KETTLE)

  • Pentaho Data Mining

  • Pentaho BI Suite for Hadoop

  • Application Integration

  • Performance Tuning

    Jasper Service Offerings
  • iReports

  • Chart Designer

  • JasperReport Server

  • Jasper Analysis

  • JasperETL (Talend)

  • Jasper Embedded Reporting (Web Service)

  • Jasper OLAP (Analysis)

  • Jasper BI Suite

  • Jasper for PHP

    Jasper Deployment at a glance
  • Bundled Apache Tomcat

  • WAR Distribution Deployment

  • Web Services with Web Application

  • Embedded Reporting Web Application

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It was truly a breath of fresh air to work with your company. It was easy communicating even with being half a world away, and quick responses too, not only with the return emails, but also with solutions to any of the problems we encountered. Again guys, thank you for an outstanding job ,well done.

Harry Bleijenberg, Founder, Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA

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