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Social Sigma

Awards & Recognitions

Sigma Infosolutions and its employees have been recognized for a number of corporate initiatives and altruistic endeavours. We’re proud to be acknowledged by important organizations and publications for the work we accomplished.


We at Sigma, as a group, are committed to make sure that every person involved connects to the greater vision of social enterprise and is socially aware and responsible. We support a number of social causes and are committed to do a dollar to dollar match for every contribution the customer does for any of these activities.


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”, a Native American Proverb. We believe and help this cause by promoting tree plantation in various cities and villages in Rajasthan. Providing assistance in water harvesting projects at individual, institutional and village level. Promoting Publication and/or distributions of books on energy conservation.


The future of our world lies in education. We initiate Libraries for schools in remote areas. Promoting Publication and/or distributions of books on energy conservation, literature and public awareness. Promoting magazines on health spirituality and general empowerment for schools, group and individuals (Life subscription/Team subscription)

Recently, Sigma team has embarked upon a new social initiative to develop a passion of reading in today’s new generation children. With cartoons and computer games satiating their creative thirst, unfortunately reading books never caught their fancy. Gone are the days, when a bookstore down the corner used to have daily sessions of story narration to young kids, which let their imagination run untamed for a while.

Therefore, we at Sigma felt to make children experience by themselves, how reading books can be fun and educative – both at the same time. We are now in talks with the principal of a school with more than 1000 students to bring in an up-scaled model. We have created a website on the same ideology and aims to impel parents to take the driver’s seat.

Community Welfare

As divorce rate is increasing and families have been put in struggling situations, we made a commitment to bring families together. This is done by Creation of Family Grievance cells and resolving family grievance at individual levels also. Web url : Community Welfare and Maheswari Samaj WRJ.