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Understand and Engage The Identified Target Audience

In the previous blogs we touched upon digital marketers and their strategies to leverage automated digital frameworks to get better ROI on their marketing campaigns. Now let’s explore the strategies to be considered around how best to leverage digital platforms, with a primary focus to understand and engage the identified target audience.

Market and Sales Intelligence

The first and most critical part of any marketing campaign is to get the pulse of your target audience right. Online marketing frameworks or platforms have analytics built into them that offer granular insights into customer behavior. This helps provide an opportunity in engaging customers with the right message, continually optimizing the website and personalizing the entire experience. These insights could also help marketers map visitor experience, identify patterns, and communicate the right information at the right time. They can also leverage these insights to dole out offers, recommend products and services customers can buy.

Marketing Campaigns and Customer Engagement

Digital marketing platforms offer various modules that can enable companies to effectively engage their target audience. These include:

· Sales enablement:

The success of any marketing campaign would depend on close alignment between the marketing and the sales teams. The platform helps bridge this gap by helping marketing teams identify and understand new and active prospects on websites and delivering well-qualified leads to the sales team.

Hence module should enable digital marketers to get a comprehensive overview of marketing performance and marketing channel effectiveness on the go. It also helps them identify and focus on top-performing marketing campaigns and personalize marketing campaigns based on prospect profiling.

Further, it should facilitate seamless integration with existing CRM systems. This will enable the sales teams to get a clear understanding of the customer engagement channel for every customer segment, obtain daily lead reports – all of which can result in shortened sales cycles and improved customer conversions into sales.

· Email Campaigns:

The platform’s email communication module should help marketers to create mailers that can drive better website traffic, get insights on customer response, offer customized content – all of which can improve campaign results and increase ROI.

·  Multi-Channel marketing and communication:

Forward thinking marketers understand that in order to maximize their client’s online sales opportunity and decrease web site abandonment, it is critical to add interactive live help services to company web sites and streamline consumer engagement by communicating consistently via multi channels such as Email, SMS, LiveChat among others – possibly all through a single and integrated solution platform. The solution should enable ‘call to action’ across channels on a single platform itself. It should also offer a robust reporting dashboard that can help manage & measure effectiveness of various channels used for a particular marketing campaign.

· Better engagement through integrated communication:

The effectiveness of a digital marketing solution platform comes from the seamless integration of multi-media, multi-channel and convergence of mobile communications. This paradigm is essential to deliver a delightful user experience. What this is means to marketers is the effective integration of live chat, SMS, email, audio call, video call, co-browsing and co-navigation.

The platform enables various communication components to be customized quickly to suit lead generation and qualification processes specific to target audience of an industry. It offers the buyers an opportunity to speak with a customer service representative immediately or a contact centre agent exactly at their moment of interest. Clients can talk to these agents through next generation web chat that prompts them to chat with an advisor for a faster and hassle free buying experience; or on demand call back for an immediate or a scheduled call back from the agent just at the click of a button or via a missed call to a toll free number. All these will help result in faster sales conversions. The beauty of these features is that it can be extended and scaled to include offline, print or TV based marketing.

The digital marketers can effectively mix and match various communication modules to run tailor made campaigns resulting in faster sales conversions all with the help of a common integrated digital marketing altar. In the upcoming blog, we’ll focus on the various advantages of digital solution platform and how they help enable brands to achieve competitive advantage.