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Grails Mobile Application Development

Grails Web Application Development Services

Flex is a development kit which Sigma Infosolutions uses for developing and designing Rich Internet Applications or RIA, mainly SWF applications (an advanced Adobe Flash file format which is used for Vector Graphics, ActionScript and multimedia files). SWF applications are run on Adobe Flash Player. Sigma Infosolutions experts, who are specialized in Web/Application Development using Grails, use Flex development kit aside from Grails/Groovy for coming up with high-performance RI Applications.

While Grails has its own set of advantages, using Flex during Grails Mobile Application Development is also beneficial in the following manners:

  • Flex runs on Adobe Flash Player, which is easily available
  • Flex is compatible with Grails, the futuristic framework our Web/Mobile Application Development professionals have extensive familiarity with
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment) support available, which helps Sigma in developing mobile apps using Grails in an agile manner
  • Flex applications can also be run offline
  • Flex also allows real-time data transfer through binary sockets and using any type of TCP/IP server, which makes it a highly effective Web/Mobile Application Development tool

Sigma uses Flex to the nth degree for Web/Mobile Application Development using Grails. If you are eager to upgrade your existing web/mobile applications inherited from any démodé platform, feel free to contact Sigma developers.