active storage with rails

Active Storage with Rails

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Ruby on Rails greatly influenced web app development through innovative features such as seamless database table creation, migrations, and scaffolding of views to enable rapid application development. Many web frameworks Django(Python), Laravel(PHP), Phoenix (Elixir) and Sails.js(Node.js) borrowed the concepts of Rails framework. Ruby on Rails is strongly associated with startups…

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Behviour driven testing with RubyonRails

Behaviour Driven Testing (BDD) with Rails

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Reading Time: 4 minutes One of the most debated topics in software development is testing. It often gets left to the last minute, and then cut because you’re out of time, over-budget, or whatever else. Management wonders why developers can’t just “get it right the first time”, and developers (especially on large systems) can…

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maximize the potential of mobile BI and analytics

Effective Integration Practices That Can Help Maximize the Potential of Mobile BI and Analytics

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Mobile phones break through the traditional computing platforms as they help organizations to maximize their decision making potential irrespective of travel or location using Business intelligence (BI) and analytics. A smooth flow of data from the executive to operational level is possible when mobile devices infuse applications, services, and native…

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How To De-clutter Your BI Dashboards To Discover Key Insights - Sigma Infosolutions

How To De-clutter Your BI Dashboards To Discover Key Insights

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Data, the primary key to everyday business opportunities, has gotten complex over the years due to technological challenges like data blending and data wrangling. The numerous complexities are a result of the scope and variety of big data and the integration of visualization and analytics tools. These glitches have not…

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Big Data

How Big Data Will Change Businesses In 2018

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Market trends suggest that with an approximate growth of about $7.3 billion in 2018, the big data market size will be bound to break the $40 billion mark by the end of the year. The demanding growth in big data analytics has induced various industries to begin implementing and updating…

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