All about regtech

All you need to know about Regtech

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Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Regtech? A combination of two words: Regularity and Technology has rapidly risen to prominence in the year 2015, from complete obscurity. Regtech was created to address the regulatory challenges that were faced by companies in providing financial services through the latest technology. Or, in simple words: “the use…

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Leveraging IoT Analytics

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Reading Time: 3 minutes With the onset of wireless technology and internet, IoT has become omnipresent. Our homes, vehicles, living place, workspaces and every place have adopted the internet and its benefits. Internet of Things is thereby generating a large amount of data and this data is expected to keep on increasing with time….

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Top 7 Cloud Monitoring Tools

Top 7 Cloud Monitoring Tools

By | Blog, Cloud Monitoring Tool

Reading Time: 4 minutes The modern trend prevailing amongst the organizations shows a gradual shift towards the advanced system of cloud monitoring for the management of tools. These tools play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the network via means of cybersecurity against any such alleged cyber attack. Further, cloud monitoring not…

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Top 7 Data Analytics Trends to Watch in 2019

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Reading Time: 4 minutes   Data Analytics has revolutionized tremendously over the past decade. Proliferation of internet based technologies led to data explosion and the concept of Big Data emerged. Businesses gained access to the cloud, interactive business dashboards replaced the spreadsheets and much more. Along with BI, self-service analytics also witnessed a rise…

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Top BI Trends of 2018 - Featured

Top 6 Business Intelligence Trends of 2018

By | BI & Analytics, Blog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Business intelligence has revolutionized over the past few years. Over the last decade, influential trends have emerged which have changed the way organizations work, interact and collaborate among themselves. The past decade gave a lifetime break to spreadsheets and a big rise to the interactive business dashboards and data visualizations….

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