Top BI Trends of 2018 - Featured

Top 6 Business Intelligence Trends of 2018

By | BI & Analytics, Blog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Business intelligence has revolutionized over the past few years. Over the last decade, influential trends have emerged which have changed the way organizations work, interact and collaborate among themselves. The past decade gave a lifetime break to spreadsheets and a big rise to the interactive business dashboards and data visualizations….

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6 key Fintech Trends in 2018_Featured

6 Key FinTech Trends in 2018

By | Artificial Intelligence, Blog, FinTech

Reading Time: 3 minutes Financial technology or FinTech can be broadly characterized as one of the ways to bring disruptive and transformative innovations in the field of financial services. These innovations are made through the emerging new technologies that address the customer requirements through automation. The year 2017 was a great year for the…

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reasons to choose magento over shopify

11 reasons to choose Magento over Shopify

By | Blog, Magento

Reading Time: 4 minutes For online merchants worldwide it is a catch situation every time they are to make a choice between a commerce platform. Magento & Shopify are biggest of the names when it comes to ecommerce platforms with best features for online lenders. With Magento’s acquisition by Adobe there are some doubts…

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scaling with rails

RoR for Scaling

By | Blog, Ruby on Rails

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ruby on Rails is a great framework to work with for startups and smaller applications, but we often come across the scalability issues when the project grows larger. Lets delve deeper into what a frameworks scalability means. Consider the below  architecture at the start of the Rails project – This…

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going cross platform with .net standard

Going Cross Platform With Dot Net Standard

By | Blog, Development

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dot Net – created by Microsoft is an open source, cross-platform software development framework. It was built with intention of deploying and running application on Windows. Dot net is now one of the most popular frameworks for developing windows applications. Back in the early days, there was little need to…

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Docker vs Vagrant - sigma product engineering services featured

Docker Vs. Vagrant

By | Blog, Product Engineering

Reading Time: 4 minutes “If you want to manage machines, you should use Vagrant… If you want to build and run application environments, you should use Docker.” – Solomon Hykes, the author of Docker In other words, Vagrant manages virtual machines and Docker packages apps into containers. But even with his explanation, it can…

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Top 5 Magento Enterprise Edition Features - 2018 - Sigma Infosolutions

Top 5 Magento Enterprise Edition Features

By | Blog, eCommerce, eCommerce, eCommerce Development, Magento, Magento2, Magento2Tips

Reading Time: 4 minutes A good number of small scale and medium scale businesses prefer the Magento Community Edition for being budget friendly but the Magento Enterprise Edition is built for the development of a rapid and cost-effective innovation in the long run. The platform uses a combination of rich, out-of-the-box functionality, enterprise performance…

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Advantages of Using Magento Enterprise Edition - Sigma Infosolutions

Advantages of Using Magento Enterprise Edition

By | Blog, eCommerce, eCommerce, eCommerce Development

Reading Time: 3 minutes Magento Enterprise Edition blurs the lines between what is possible; giving the business owner the power to create bold and unique shopping experiences that will transform the customer’s experience on the website. Although many small to medium businesses prefer the Magento Community edition for being budget-friendly, the Magento Enterprise edition…

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