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Make them feel at ‘Home’!

Your users will be selecting stuff for their home. The interface therefore has to breathtaking and inspiring. Same applies for the usability. Sigma’s solutions enable you to create the best online home decor store ever. Complete with easy navigation and virtual guides, make your website alive.

Engage and enhance the user.

Engage your customers with an online store that is rich with features and functionality. Surprise them with interactive virtual tours, customizations and cool tips. Let them feel as if they are in their home as they navigate through your site. Best of all, enthral them!


Customized Products

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Every need is different and customized products ensure that the item your customers buy can be called their very own. Help your customers, choose their own colours, sizes and any other custom feature you can offer

Schedule a Consultant

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The ability to search a consultant closest to your customers is an important feature. This works wonders for cross selling and upselling of your products

Store locator

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Create awesome virtual tours for your customers. Adding a visual component for your customers when they’re ready to take action can make a BIG difference in their buying behavior. Appear more enticing to the public and stand out from your competition by looking more appealing & credible

Cool tips

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Create interaction between your store and your customers by providing cool tips, based on their need. Allow them to post questions and provide insights that can help the other customers

Call to order

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Don’t let an interested user go just because the products are not in stock. Allow your customers to place a request to notify them when the product is back in stock and thereby increasing your chance of conversions

Discover Consultant

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Provide each consultant a space of their own with discover consultant feature. This feature enables your users to know more about the consultant agency near to them by changing the store view. This feature also changes the footer by adding the zip codes which that franchise(Consultant) will serve

Blinds Location

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When you have consultants to suggest products to your customers, it helps getting them a space of their own. This feature enables your users to know more about the consultant agency near to them by changing the store view to display the consultant specific information

Customized category page

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Every category of products is different from each other so why should the pages look the same. Create custom category page for each of your product categories


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If your store sells kitchen or food related items, the next good thing is to show your customers how best to use them. Recipes page does that and will also allow you to showcase related items in a unique way

Make the user feel at ‘home’

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