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Mobile Application Development

Executive Summary

Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its expertise technologies to develop a mobile application for a company in North America.

The application is to restrict phone usage when driving – Driver Protector and restrict phone usage by children – Protector Console.

The Client

The client is based in North America and produces Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) used worldwide by law enforcement, military, correctional, professional security, and personal protection markets.

Business Case

The client wanted to build an application, that will enable its users to restrict phone usage under certain scenario or create a protection platform and connect with a comprehensive network of utility service providers across North America. The Protector platform is a combination of hardware, software and services designed to generate piece of mind by providing people with a single dashboard to protect their family, home, and vehicle. The Safe Driver Starter Kit is the first in what will become a full line of home and family protection products that will all be managed through a unified Protector Console. This initial solution, enables parents to help their children form safe driving habits Furthermore, the platform has been designed to interface with various products that address numerous different safety concerns. With this vision, the client approached Sigma Infosolutions to build this application from concept to an end product.

Business Benefits

The client achieved the following business advantages:

  • The client is getting a lot of inquiries and the product was also demonstrated to secretary of transportation in Washington.
  • Got rave reviews in the press after the launch in CES.
  • A competent and a trusted offshore technology partner to execute all development tasks for a future product enhancements.

The mock-ups were provided based on iPhone form factor. Since Blackberry is pretty much fragmented with lot of devices, we had to redesign the screens and flows to ensure that the application works properly in all the supported variants. Since the product was supposed to work in touch-screen of Blackberry that has a larger screen and regular Blackberry with a hard QWERTY keyboard, we had to dynamically get the form factors during the application initialization. In addition, we had to render the screens dynamically. The other challenge was to ensure that all the features work in all the supported targeted handsets. Since some Blackberry run the old version of SDK, even though some features are possible with the new SDK and supported by latest phones; we had to strike a balance to make the product work across all the targeted handsets that run different version of RIM SDK.

Another major challenge Sigma Infosolutions faced was to normalize all US time zones to ensure user request notifications reach the service providers only during the time duration selected by them.


Sigma Infosolutions had an existing skill set and processes for the project development. It took three months for Sigma Infosolutions’ dedicated team of five to design, architect, develop, and test the entire application from scratch. A few of the salient features of this application are:

  • Developed the entire Blackberry and Android versions of Driver Protector (that promotes safe driving) and Protector Console (a tool for kids safety).
  • Built 100% accuracy in identifying the locations based on the Geo code received from mobile
  • Multi threaded data fetch from the web component to mobile application.

Sigmas’ Infosolution team used the following platforms to develop the application:

  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Android
  • Application Development
  • iPhone
  • Mobile
  • Windows

An End Product for a Company in North America.

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Author: Sigma Infosolutions