Ecommerce Trends - 2021

E-commerce Trends 2021

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Reading Time: 4 minutes The last decade has witnessed a rise in online shoppers, E-commerce businesses, and many new technological advances. With the COVID pandemic, affecting the shopping behavior of the people, online shopping became the primary way of shopping. With all these advancements and changes in the audience’s shopping pattern, the E-commerce sector…

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Magento Vs WordPress

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Reading Time: 4 minutes It is no more a new thing to have a mandatory digital presence of the business in one or the other form. Having a user-friendly, engaging website is a must for the businesses at the present. Usually, to develop and run their websites, developers opt for CMS (Content Management System)….

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Quality Support And Maintenance

Quality Support And Maintenance For Smooth Running Of Your Ecommerce Store

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Reading Time: 4 minutes 79% of online shoppers say they won’t go back to a website if they’ve had trouble with load speed. Performance or your online Magento shopping stores starts degrading after one or two years after launch as new updates and techniques are released every few days. When it comes to performance…

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