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September 21, 2017

Ecommerce Strategy: 5 Reasons to Start Selling Online

The growth of e-commerce has spiked up in the recent years as compared to the traditional brick and mortar businesses…
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BlogProduct Engg
September 14, 2017

Why Laravel is the best PHP Framework of 2017

If you are wondering about some of the best PHP frameworks, then we would recommend Laravel. Many of top websites…
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BI & AnalyticsBlog
September 7, 2017

Five Reasons Why Business Intelligence Implementation Can Fail

While there are loads of advice on how to institute a business intelligence (BI) tool into an organization’s curriculum, there…
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BI & AnalyticsBlog
August 31, 2017

Pentaho Data Integration – Writing Custom Step Plug-Inpentaho /Extension Point (Tutorial)

Why do we need Custom Step Plug-In? Are you stuck with PDI to implement your own functionality? Are you…
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BI & AnalyticsBlog
August 24, 2017

Five ‘Must Haves’ in the Self-serving BI Tools

The world of business analytics has seen some major shifts in its analytical frame. The current demand for instant usability…
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FinTechNews & Press
August 16, 2017

LendFoundry™ launches the next-generation FinTech Lending Operating System at LendIt USA 2016

San Francisco, CA – April 11, 2016 – LendFoundry, a FinTech lending Operating System, is the accelerator for marketplace lending..
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BlogBuild AutomationProduct Engg
August 10, 2017

Why use Build Automation in Application Development?

Growing relevance of automation & DevOps has revolutionized the software engineering industry and made a deep impact on the way…
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