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Sigma’s LendFoundry Loan Origination and Loan Management Platforms; Disruptive cloud-based, scalable solutions that transform alternative lending.

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LendFoundry is a scalable, cloud-based, full stack lending platform built from the ground up by Sigma Infosolutions to revolutionize the marketplace lending industry.

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A FinTech to Future Success Story

See how a leading online provider of personal loans leveraged Sigma’s lending management system features to gain quick marketshare.

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Loan Origination

Online loan origination process has become more sophisticated over the years due to regulatory pressure and competitiveness. Each lender on average has integrated with more than ten data providers ranging from credit reporting, identity validation, anti-money laundering, bank account data, landline and mobile phones, device identity, social media and other online profiles. Sigma has worked with traditional and new data providers over the years that’s helped many lenders to shorten their go to market schedule.

User Portal

In the lending world, quick access to correct & complete information is critical. Our ‘User Portals’ are intuitively designed to and can be customized to ensure convenience, transparency, security & control of information for lenders and borrowers alike. These portals ensure operational efficiency for lenders and can be extended to their customers to delight them with efficiency and pure simplicity.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Most credit bureaus are now enforcing and requiring lenders to report loan performance and loan history to develop a pay to play relationship. Credit Bureau Reporting capabilities are becoming an important aspect of your loan servicing platform. Most of the credit bureaus have adopted a Metro 2 format but each bureau still has specific nuances to be considered. Sigma has had the pleasure to work with many credit bureaus in the prime and subprime space and we have developed reporting capabilities out of the box to serve our customers.

Loan Management

Marketplace Lenders have a very little choice when it comes to loan servicing software or LMS (loan management software). Most options available are either built on older technology that isn’t designed for today’s online environment or they are built on Blackbox third-party components that limit online lender’s ability to create a seamless experience from origination to servicing. Sigma’s LMS is built with that in mind, lenders can call up payment history, payment reminder, missed payments, delayed payments etc by calling these micro-services from Sigma’s platform.

API Gateway

We developed all of our technology from the ground up based on micro service architecture design that every function is callable and deployable without interrupting rest of the platform and therefore by definition, ensuring a perpetual up time. Because of this, we are able to integrate with any data vendors and platforms with ease.

Asset Classes We Serve

Personal Loan

Leverage the strength of the platform for zero collateral and totally flexible personal loans

Working Capital

Trust and intelligent platform to originate, underwrite and fund your business customers at the tip of your fingers

Merchant Cash Advance

Harness the platforms’s capabilities to identify and provide cash advance and a greater experience



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