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Sigma had to provide an ETL, DW & BI solution for a leading global MVN Operator and Enabler.
The need was to create a comprehensive BI solution for analyzing CDR data – Voice, SMS, GPRS and Top-up. The project needed Sigma to understand Master data like Country, Call type, Service types, Subscribers, etc. It also required an understanding of ETL mapping specs, ETL Design & Development, DW Modeling.


Performance test for ETL scripts and Reports Automation of test cases and alerts if there are any errors/exceptions.

Validation for the following:

  • DW Model – surrogate keys, dimensions and fact
  • CDR and file naming conventions as per UK standards
  • CDR files frequency checks, sequence numbers and count checks
  • Null values and inconsistency checks between source
  • CDR file record and DW tables
  • Dimension and fact tables data as per source data received
  • Reports for- Empty report, Data correctness, Current date report creation,
  • Missing numeric value, Filter conditions, Exclusions, Report dependencies
  • Delivery of the reports to end users as per the frequency

Validation of ETL Scripts

  • # of ETL Jobs /Transformationswritten : 300+
  • # of Data sources : 3
  • Data extracted from: CDR files, CSV and Excel


With Sigma’s BI solutions, the client gained following benefits:

  • Identify Fraud events
  • Customer expired and activation status
  • Analytics about SIM stocks and voucher stocks by resellers
  • Network Utilization across all subscribers and country.
  • Reconciliation of raw data, billing data and reporting data
  • Automation of report generation


Sigma employed some of the best technologies for taking this project to its desired destination:

  • Pentaho BI Suite
  • PDI
  • Oracle
  • Solaris

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