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App development for a ecommerce client
Executive Summary

Savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for personalized deals and offers nearby with city exploration an even better experience. The client had a similar idea to improve shopping experience with a mobile application which allows shoppers see deals that are nearby. The client have been working hard to make finding great deals easier for shoppers. The key to making the clients vision a reality was to approach Sigma Infosolutions. Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its expertise on mobile application development to develop an application completely from scratch and runs on iOS and Android platforms. This further differentiates it from many other deals providers that are trying to sell to customers based on location. The location focused checked-in application developed is integrated with social media channels to reach new customers. Since most shoppers love to discover best deals available nearby, the automated engine enable them to do just that.

The Client

The client is a full service digital agency dedicated to developing truly innovative and creative platforms that create ongoing engagement with consumers through the ideas that live comfortably in digital, traditional and non- traditional applications.

Business Case

The client aims to develop a platform for consumers to emotionally enriching shopping experiences; exposing shoppers to relevant, compelling content and products where a consumers can browse discount deals by locations. The other part of the service is oriented towards entrepreneurs to host discount deals and run reward programs for loyal customers. The platform should also exchange information with social media channels to reach new customers.

Business Benefits
  • 40% cost savings on functionality development.
  • Complete set of data, functioning alarms in real-time.
  • Ongoing operating costs at or better than budget.
  • Low system overhead and lower support costs.
  • Monthly technical availability is more than 99%.
  • QR code scanning libraries were not available and working consistently in all versions of Android SDK and iOS. We customized the QR code scanning library(ZXing) so that the behavior of QR scanning is same across Android and iOS and also covering maximum number of devices in the fragmented market.
  • The architecture had an issue with facebook and its SSO integration to maximize user experience. It is always possible that the user had already installed the facabook app in their mobile and if that is the case, when the user uses the app; the SSO reads the status of the user and does not ask the user to login again. The facebook mobile SSO integration was done for both Android and iOS
  • Rendering the UI dynamically for displaying badges was a challenge for catering devices of several  platforms and resolutions. The badges count and the shape/size of the badge will vary dynamically based on the user’s check-in patters in his/her favorite shop. Customized algorithm and controllers were written to handle these.

The customer from the beginning was expecting pixel perfection in all the screens. The start-up logic and screens were customized based on the way the user is using the app. If the user just taps the NFC phone against a NFC card, the app will launch and take the user to a customized flow compared to the generic login flow.


Sigma Infosolutions’ mobile development team successfully compiled the architecture required for the project and followed waterfall model ensuring that the integration of the system proceeds along with user testing.

Key Modules Developed
  • NFC integration in Android for supported models
  • QR code scanning and integration using the device camera
  • Facebook check-ins / integration
  • Foursquare check-ins / integration
  • Badges module tdisplay badges based on users point
  • iOS 4.X SDK
  • Android – API level 2.2
Next Phase
  • Integration with Google Places to provide a map view of the check ins made over a period of time.
  • Integration with third party merchant sites to offer rewards, converting the rewards as discounts for future purchases integrating with payment solutions etc.

The Client is a full service digital agency dedicated to developing truly innovative and creative platforms.

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