Being Future Ready Through BI Solution


Client Challenge

The telecom industry is undergoing a change, from acquiring new customers, to competing about the same customers. It has become all about intelligently engaging with your customers and being relevant in your interactions. Business intelligence (BI) can help telecom companies achieve that.

Client Journey

Experts from Sigma can work closely with the client organization to build their BI strategy and understand their KPIs. The team can build a roadmap for re-architecture or reengineering of services. On the basis of their analysis, the team can then implement the necessary tools and technologies that the situation demands. The team would also take care of any data gathering, design and consolidation that might be required during this process.

Strong data governance will be maintained by the team to ensure the quality of data being considered for the process. Details analytics and reporting through dashboard will also be done to efficiently monitor the systems and process, and make real-time decisions leveraging the insights from the data processed.

  • Certified BI professionals.
  • Competitive pricing and risk sharing.
  • State of the art infrastructure and partnership with BI solution companies.
  • Proven offshore outsourcing model.
  • Multi-level engagement options – Short -term and long -term
  • Single-vendor approach and end-to-end BI project delivery.

Pentaho, Jaspersoft Business Intelligence BIRT, OBIEE.

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