Client Organization

Bodyrock is an E-commerce company that was launched in 2008 to capitalize on the growing popularity of fitness. Today, it offers high-intensity interval training exercises to help people to reach their goals in dozens of languages, across a multitude of borders and in many different cultures.

Project Brief

Sigma has helped Bodyrock with incredible user-friendly website design, application installation and configuration, custom page design, product page description design for each product or group of products, and tracking code integration on their online store.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges with installation of application and configuration

The client needed a stunning website design to sell and scale faster.

Their existing system, Shopify, didn’t have subscription functionality for selling some digital products that included training videos.

They needed different product descriptions for each and every product.

Client also wanted to add back-in-stock notification form configuration on their online store.


Bodyrock ultimately recovered from their business challenges, as Sigma seamlessly:

Developed a user-friendly website design to improve their customer experience.
Created customized product description section that allows merchants to change the content accordingly.
Installed an App for subscription functionality and also configured the application in the theme to create a look and feel that matched their branding.
Configured Klaviyo BIS functionality to inject the “Notify Me” button on out-of-stock items.


Our Mega menu design offered their customers better navigation.

Users now can find products easily with different category pages based on product type.

Customized search functionality enabled users to search products with phrases.

They can now easily elaborate product USP by adding more details on the product description page.

With subscription functionality and quick buy options, users can buy their products quickly and frequently with ease.

Tools & Technologies

Tools Technology
Photoshop: To design User Interface Shopify
Liquid template language, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery etc.

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