Building A SaaS Based Personalized Pharmaceutical Application


The Client

Coming from a modest background, the client was inspired by his parent’s small grocery store. With a knack for entrepreneurship, the client in his mid-20s became the Chief Operations Officer of a healthcare company achieving

YoY double-digit growth. He then led the commercialization and development of a healthcare digital platform at ALPHAEON.

Business Opportunity

The U.S. pharmaceutical market is the world’s most significant national market. Together with Canada and Mexico, it represents the largest continental pharma market worldwide. The United States alone holds over 45 percent of the global pharmaceutical market. The client wanted to leverage the opportunity in the pharmaceutical market to provide care packages prescribed by doctors directly to the patients doorstep.

Some of the key requirement of the client was:

Care Plan:

    • Ability to create custom care plan and have it delivered at the patients doorstep.

Care Team:

    • Onboard doctors and pharmacies and connect them to the patients.

Cost Effective:

    • Partner with manufactures and pharmacies so that the patient gets great products at great price.

Efficient Delivery Tracking:

    Automatically track the delivery of care packages with very little human intervention.

Solution Provided
Sigma partnered with the client and focused on the following areas to extract maximum benefit.

Business  Process Optimization: 

    • A detailed study of the existing business processes identified redundancies, and opportunities for reducing the operations cycle, improving workflow and infrastructure. Based on the study, the processes were streamlined for superior performance and customer satisfaction.

Program Management: The program encompassed multiple vendors, and multiple releases. The complexity of the program was enhanced further due to the aggressive timelines. A strong program management framework was required to ensure that all commitments were met.

Sigma Infosolutions has become a trusted technology partner for all ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the application versions.

Key Features

Care Package: Custom care plan for every patient, that would be delivered at regular intervals. The patient can pause and resume the care package delivery and also give feedback on the care packages.  The doctor on reviewing the feedback can change the care package contents.

Portal For Pharmacists: The pharmacists can log in to their portal and view the orders. All order details including the delivery schedule is displayed and enables tracking of the orders.

Care Template Creation: A doctor could create a complete care package for the patient from templates available in system or create their own. This could be updated on need basis by the doctor.

 Hipaa Compliance: The application does not store any card details in accordance to HIPAA compliance. The security of the user details are kept at the highest priority.

Usps Integration: Having explored several options to implement the delivery tracking system, Sigma team suggested USPS to automate the process.

Technical Environment
Framework: Ruby On Rails
Front end: Javascript, HTML,CSS
QA: Jmeter, Junit
Database: Mysql
Deployment Infrastructure: Jenkins
Project Management Tool: Trello