Buried Treasure Fossil Digital Transformation


“Having the site page and product opening performance restored is great news. Thanks to Sigma and the team. I received 4 orders in the past 4 hours.”

Gary Greaser
Owner, BTF

magento store maintenance

Buried Treasure Fossil is the place for new and seasoned fossil collectors, providing a wide range of incredible fossils to choose from. As a purely online business, BTF strategy is to offer great fossils at great prices, and super service for customers across the USA. The relatively young company is owned by Gary Greaser, an avid enthusiast, and collector of the fossils. Having realized that migrating to Magento Opensource from Magento 1.7 could enable him to boost his sales while delivering an excellent customer experience, Gary chose Sigma to build their site on Magento Opensource.

Business Need

There were three elements at the heart of the design and development of their new Magento 2 site: delivering a mobile-optimized experience across the board, ensuring speed and scalability of the platform, and enabling integration and customization of required functionality and theme customizations.

Magento 2 introduces new methodologies and technologies for delivering enhanced shopping and store experience to the merchants and users. But to be honest, migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not an easy and trouble-free process. Since it’s not automated, there is plenty of manual work that needs to be done by professionals who understand migration process and the business in order to get a stable and fully functional store.

Gary knew what he wanted for BTFs Future. He required a solution that can easily scale up if required and has a modular architecture to ensure faster page load time, faster add-to-cart server response time and faster end-to-end checkout time.

The Enhanced Customer Experience

The team worked hard to ensure that all features and functionally made it easier for customers to navigate through the site. Some of the enhancements like Featured Category on the homepage and filtration of the fossils by species enabled customers to find what they need in half the time that was required earlier. By using landing pages for product categories, customers could see all relevant information about a specific fossil on the product page, and add it directly to their cart.

Technical Challenges

Upon the whole, everything went smooth. However, there were some difficulties we had to overcome in the process.

Magento Opensource Core Issues
There were a couple of issues that needed to be resolved at the core level like the inability to save a duplicated product, issues with URL rewrites and selection of an attribute at the time of editing the product. Once the issues were resolved, the team did regular core audits to ensure no core files were getting deferred.

Theme Customization Issues
The team worked in collaboration with the theme providers to fix the layout issues faster to meet the launch date.

4 Month Delivery
Buried Treasure Fossil launched its Magento Opensource site in just four months. The immediate impact was significant, with a significant increase in mobile traffic and conversion rate. The new site also delivered with the goal of improving the customer experience. Customers researching on their tablets enjoy a mobile-optimized experience that directly translates to their desktop experience.

Support and Maintenance

As with many companies, Buried Treasure Fossil does not have the in-house tech team to keep a modern e-commerce site running effectively and securely while the business is growing. To bridge this gap, Sigma is responsible for keeping the site running optimally – both from a technology and a marketing perspective.

The team defines and prioritizes the site updates, functional improvements, patches and site issues when they arise. For every task, we have a turn around time of 4 to 8 hrs. We track these changes and issues within our issue tracking tool – JIRA, assign a unique tracking number to each task and get them done. We have regular status calls and generate weekly reports in order to track the progress of all support issues and to ensure the process is being followed and most importantly, expectations are being met.

Sigma’s client support activities include a combination of the following activities:

  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • Troubleshooting for technical issues
  • Magento training to clients hold of their Magento store
  • Performance improvement
  • Website speed optimization
  • Feature up gradation and installations
  • Security patch updates
  • Suggestions and solutions for improved search engine ranking
  • Solution to the server or hosting related problems
  • Daily status reports and weekly progress reports

Sigma Magento Experts are always ready for any kind of Magento support and maintenance. We work as the clients’ go-to experts and help them with up-gradation of software and improved functionality with new and updated features in an E-commerce website.

Based on customer requirements and hourly support they need, we offer customized Magento maintenance and support monthly packages. We discuss clients’ requirements and agree with them for a particular number of hours per month and make a schedule as per their suitability to catch up during business hours through telephonic, email, chat, video chat and face to face support.