Client Organization

Our client is a Boston-based eCommerce agency helping multiple brands across industries to break through the noise and deliver exceptional eCommerce experiences constantly with extensive learning across culture, data, and technology. Their vision toward “One channel, or All Channels” needed a technology partner who understands the eCommerce industry and its dynamics to solve a real-time problem.

Project Brief

Our client specializes in UI/UX and working with customers to create a solution roadmap. Sigma Infosolutions helped the client expand their offerings beyond UI/UX and thus offer end-to-end solutions to their customers with technology-backed implementations and also maintenance solutions.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges of supporting an eCommerce agency with technology-based solutions.

They need flexible capacity to meet the incremental development needs of their customers.

Need a technology partner to meet the front-end development needs of their customers on JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, React, etc.; capabilities to work on platforms like Shopify and WordPress; and expertise in working with multiple cloud and traditional hosting providers.

Ensuring quality and timelines to make sure they can maintain customer satisfaction.

Being able to leverage on-demand engagement from their technology partner on implementation and support.

They need better end-client engagement and pre-sales & solutioning support for their business.


Carbon engaged Sigma Infosolutions to solve its business challenges and needs with a strong partnership-driven approach.

Our eCommerce experts helped the client with the new implementation, integration, and maintenance to meet the branding needs of their customers.
We helped them set up analytics to track goals & conversions and ensured their customers can leverage the true power of data-driven decision-making.
Ensured cost-effective engagement by leveraging our offshore development teams.
As Sigma has a large team of 400+ people, we ensured the quick deployment of the team for new engagements as needed by our client. Also with our Centre of Excellence (CoE) approach, we offered on-demand solutions with the shared bandwidth of multiple people with specific expertise. Scale is needed to support specialized & niche roles.
Developed technology-backed brand experience for their customers which helped them with a sound lead generation strategy.
We offered SEO-friendly design and content implementation for their customers to improve visibility on search engines.
Effective communication with various stakeholders helps to understand the future pipeline of the work and the need for incremental development for their customers.


Increased the net new revenue by over 100% from the last year.

Broader skill sets, competitive pricing, and bigger engagements with the clients all add up to increase the pie.

Higher margins on the engagements while delivering a high-quality solution to the clients.

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