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To customize and manage the salesforce CRM workflow based on NPP business needs and Automate the process and generate reports to calculate the profit and commission earned by the company.


Key business needs and challenges of developing a new CRM application.

Capture data from NPP’s websites to Salesforce.

New fields, layouts, record pages, and record types as per NPP’s demand.

Automations for the data between Lead, Account, Contact, and other objects.

Custom-coded automations on data updates.

Mass update of records on the basis of specific conditions (Batch apex).

Sending email notifications.

New Reports and Dashboards.

Custom coded reports when standard report features by Salesforce could not be used.

API Integrations with third-party systems.

Pardot integration to synchronize campaigns and their data with Salesforce.

Fixes in existing logic and automations.


NPP engaged Sigma to solve their business challenges and needs with a new CRM.

Created Web-to-Lead forms to help capture data from websites to Salesforce. Also created standard as well as custom-coded automations to handle the incoming data.
Created automations to update data during the creation/updation of Lead, Contact, Accounts and other types of records.
Created new fields, layouts, record pages and record types etc. as the requirements. Also provided their access to the desired users.
Created permission sets to assign permission for different objects, fields, layouts, read/create/update/delete permissions, etc.
Created automations to handle the Lead conversion process.
Created logic to send email notifications to customers as well as different Users.
Wrote custom code logic for API Integrations with external systems like Verizon.
Set up logic for Shareback Process that runs every quarter and calculates the shareback amount for different accounts associated with NPP. This logic includes data from multiple objects like Account, Contact, Sales Rep, Member Association, Shareback Member Sale etc.
Created reports and dashboards to help NPP see their customer data or sales data in a better and more efficient way.
Created custom-coded reports using Lightning Web Components and Apex logic. Also built the logic to export the data from these custom-coded reports.
Optimized existing logic to improve efficiency and performance.
Built new reports and dashboards as per NPP’s demand.


NPP engaged Sigma to solve their business challenges and needs with a new CRM.

Integrations with external systems allowed NPP to fetch data within Salesforce itself without the need to go to any other webpage. Some integrations also allowed updation of data from Salesforce to the external system automatically.

Shareback process helped NPP to auto-calculate the shareback amount to be distributed to different accounts and eliminated the need for manual work.

Email notifications helped in engaging customers with NPP and also helped the Users in remaining up-to-date with their corresponding data.

Custom-coded LWC reports helped NPP in visualizing and exporting the data crucial to their organization. This again eliminated the need for a lot of manual work.

Optimizing existing logic helped in making the systems more efficient and faster than before. It also helped in eliminating some legacy issues in the NPP’s system.

New objects, fields, etc benefitted NPP by showing data for multiple sources within Salesforce itself. It also allowed automations that were further used to auto-update other records in the system.

Capturing data from Website to Salesforce benefitted in a lot of crucial ways. Websites are the main link between NPP and their customers. So capturing that data in Salesforce and then setting up automations over them helped build a system that automated several processes with very less manual intervention.

Integration with Pardot eliminated the need to go to any third-party system for campaign feedback and the creation of new data into the System.

New standard reports and dashboards helped NPP in visualizing data from multiple objects, fields, etc. It also helped in getting the desired data in real time.

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