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Sigma’s web-based reporting solution

Sigma’s web-based reporting solution, using Pentaho, helped in increasing portability, with over 5% saving in strategic analysis for a large energy company.

Client Challenge

Global generation of energy across various modules uses a big part of the database, making a large number of transactions every day. There were times when a heavy load on the database caused it to crash, hence abruptly terminating the data loading and fetching process.

Client Journey

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to design an Enterprise Business Intelligence Reporting Solution which enables real time information, to make data -driven decisions. The solution removed unnecessary caching problems in Pentaho Data Integration and, optimized the database and mondrian application for better performance., It also extracted data from JIRA and Google APIs and maintained heavy datasets of around 300 gigs. The next phase involves creating more reports and generating cubes for various sub organizations.

  • Monthly technical availability is more than 98%.
  • Monthly KPI, monthly audit vs. market performance report are now standardized and, available online in easily printable formats.
  • Analytical access to historical data for rigorous analysis and benchmarking with past.
  • Complete set of data, functioning alarms in real-time.
  • Ongoing operating costs at or lower than budget.
  • Low system overhead and lower support costs.
Key Modules Developed

Developed charts, management dashboards, automatic data loading scripts, Jira Reports, Jobs to fetch Jira data etc. Operational Reports and KPIs for various projects broadcasted on a monthly basis to all the major stakeholders of the respective projects. Generate OLAP structures (Cubes and fact tables) for client database, Aggregate the data for various market places, ISOs and services, Developed Analytical reports and dashboards for the market pricing for Ancillary and Energy prices Developed the OLAP DB model, ETL and Analytical reports for Project/Fleet data, Optimization of reporting and Analytical reports by improvising the performance across the different layers like DB optimization with buffering, query caching, partitioning, indexing, etc, Pentaho Mondrian cache optimization with smart refresh, Integration with 3rd party products or components.


Pentaho BI suite 3.6GA, Pentaho Data Integration (earlier called Kettle), Mondrian Schema Workbench, Crowd, MySQL 5.


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