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eCommerce solutions for Media Publisher
Executive Summary

The client is a leading publisher of eMedia and manufacturer of eMedia Devices. The clients existing eStore was developed using .NET platform which was catering to online sales but never met their expectation, at the same time the website’s architecture (design and navigation) is not user- friendly, thus client understood that successful ebusinesses needs adoption of eCommerce trends, Technology and decided to change the application platform.

Sigma Infosolutions leveraged its expertise on Magento, an Open source eCommerce platform and other web technologies to develop a comprehensive eCommerce solution. Built on Magento, the application extends numerous customization capabilities. Custom extensions were developed for  a better user experience, extend admin functionalities, revenue drivers and extensions that improve checkout & navigation.

The Client

The client provides services that is dedicated to enriching lives by enhancing media consumption and language communication and is specialized in creating tools to help people around the globe effectively connect with a technologically diverse and dynamic world. The clients’ mission is to reliably make anyone’s language interaction successful. The client has built a reputation throughout the world for its commitment to language learning and reference. The client is based out of North America.

Business Case

The client had the vision to develop a comprehensive solution with an easy user interface for their existing eStore. The current eStore was built on .Net platform which had no option to improve the online shopping experience and was not the most preferred way for an user to shop (no user-friendly navigation). The admin module was too heavy to post and update product information because the solution was built on dot net where there were support issues for maintenance and upgrades.

The client wanted to restructure their eStore that can leverage the evolving and innovative global eBusiness models. With this vision the client approached Sigma Infosolutions to achieve maximum operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase return on investment. Sigma Infosolutions proposed to use Open Source Magento e-commerce platform to build the eStore from scratch.

Business Benefits
  • Monthly technical availability is more than 99%.
  • An empowered solution to optimize processes across the eRetail.
  • 40% cost savings on functionality development.
  • Complete set of data, functioning alarms in real-time.
  • Ongoing operating costs at or better than budget.
  • Low system overhead and lower.

Leading eMedia publisher headquartered in North America.


Migration from .Net to Magento is quite complex. Since both the platforms have different: data structure, migrating customer address, order history, and product data. Another challenge was importing orders using Cron. Sigma Infosolutions’ Magento team understood the client requests and clearly explained the impact on implementation with practical timesaving suggestions to ensure rapid project delivery.


Being a Magento Solution Partner, Sigma Infosolutions’ Magento team has Magento certified developers who understands the clients’ legacy data and how it is intended to be utilized in Magento. We created a comprehensive data migration strategy with proper data structure analysis and mapped it, and extending the Magento structure where-ever applicable. This ensured data integrity, data security and full utilization of the clients’ data in Magento eliminating performance bottlenecks. Extended the base features of Magento as well as for custom attributes for data input structures.


Sigma Infosolutions’ Magento team successfully compiled a custom eCommerce application for the client. The web store was integrated with the client’s eBook reader device to interface with server-side web services which is based on REST principles.

Key Modules Developed

Key Modules Developed: Extending base features of Magento, data import and order export in KATO format, auto fulfillment, extending PayPal payment module(authorize and capture). These are summarized below:

  • Most of the work was extending the data model of Magenttadd custom attributes that were missing in the custom .NET implementation.
  • In a few cases, Magentmodel were missing key entities that were present in the .NET implementation. This involved understanding the .NET code tarrive at the extension set tMagentmodel.
  • jQuery for DHTML.
  • Single feed extension.
  • QR code.
  • Live chats.
  • ERP connector for Magento.
Integration with 3rd party products or components
  • Facebook, Joomla and Magentintegration (custom CMS integration),Beck_LiveChat, Moo_CloudZoom, Inchoo_Featured Products, Unirgy_StoreLocator, RicoNeitzel_VertNav, Integration with KATO.
  • A batch process was designed and implemented timport and export for KATintegration. This involved reading and loading “CSV” datafiles from MagentintKATformat using a process similar textract-transform-load (ETL) process.
    • Magento
    • Joomla
  • MySql
  • Pentaho data Integration (PDI)
  • Linux Server
Next Phase

The next phase includes creating few enhancements in Admin module to add a few more visibility function which can be powerful decision making tool for admin, etc.

  • Single-feed extension
  • Constant Contact extension
  • QR Code Extension
  • Flash slider using xml

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