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FlashingBlinkyLights (FBL) is a leader in the lighting industry and selling quality LED products since 2001. Based out of Sun Valley, California, in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles area. Having many warehouse and showrooms from where B2B and B2C Orders gets fulfilled. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at FBL. To keep the consumer happy FB always ensures the quality of the products before making it available to be sold in the website.

What is very exciting about FBL is the newest and hottest selling light-up items at Explore now and experience the difference.

Today FBL is housed in a 60,000 square foot warehouse, again triple the size of their last, a symbol of how far the company has come. From a garage to a warehouse big enough to house a jumbo jet, this new home is the culmination of everything Chris and Laura strived for since the beginning; to build something everlasting, bigger than they could have imagined.

Project Brief

Name : FBL used to have the Magento 1 website for a long time and Sigma has been the solution partner for the ongoing maintenance and new development for years. After the mega release of Magento 2.x, there was a inhabited need to migrate the platform over to Magento 2 to keep the site secure, better user experience and well maintained from the overall performance of the application.

The main goal was to develop the Magento 2 portal with all the 3rd party and custom modules specific to the business need and migrate all the Magento 1 website data including customers, orders, catalog and many more.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges moving over to Magento 2

One of the main reason is to be up to date with the
platform newser version

Improved Performance and Scalability

Ability to process a large sum of orders simultaneously
with powerful Magento 2 framework

Better Search

Secure application

Customer Persuasion

Advanced SEO Features

Customisable Security Features

User Friendly Magento 2 admin panel easy to navigate, regardless of the device or screen resolution used.


We have developed the B2B and B2C Ecommerce Portal using Magento 2.3.4 Open edition, there are many 3rd party modules and custom development was done to accomplish the project goal. Here are some of the key modules.

We have developed the Magento 2 portal from the scratch, integrated 3rd party modules based on what was used in Magento 1, rebuild the custom modules to be compatible with Magento 2 coding standards and Migrated the data (1 Lakh Customer and above 1.5 lakhs Orders ) over to the Magento 2 platform using 3rd party data migration tool.
FBL has very attractive GIF images for each item to give better user experience.
FBL has very unique custom build engrave products where user can write multiple names along with different fonts selection.
Customer can also contact support team for any query for the engrave products.
FBL has Full Story integration and FBL team improving website performance by checking individual customer
live sessions.
FBL has very unique and customize pricing feature where based on customer qty and group dynamic price will works on the front end.
Customer can easily register without any approval from admin. and also placed order as a guest user.
FBL website had auto populate zip code feature where by entering only zipcode system will fetch all other required fields automatically(i.e State, City, Country) so customer do not need to enter all that filed manually.
FBL supporting different types of payment methods like Amazon Pay, Credit Cards, PayPal.
FBL supporting different types of shipping methods like Standard Shipping(Customized), FedEx, USPS etc
FBL has customize shipping method where customer can see different and dynamic shipping prices along with estimate delivery time.
FBL has third party Order Management integration as well where dynamic inventory sync will happen
on the fly.
FBL has customized order fraud feature based where admin can decide criteria and can add from the admin only so system can check all those criteria for each new order placed in the system and if any order matches those crentia then admin can get notified via email as order seems to be Fraud.
As part of the new setup for Magento 2, we added AWS CloudWatch, AWS ELB, AWS ElasticSearch, AWS Aurora DB as new components. The new setup has autoscaling capability to grow as and when needed. We also improved the AWS hosted Jenkins based CI/CD for Magento 2 deployments.


FBL Portal is for both B2B and B2C customers,

Improved Performance and Scalability

It helps buyers to register to the portal and get the tier
price based on the quantity needs and customer groups.

The latest and fresh arrivals products in FBL always keeps
the buyer engaged.

Customer are able to place to order from any device
including Mobile and Tablet without compromising the big
screen experience.

Some of the key features which users most like are Search

Checkout, Customizable products, Custom shipping pricing
and delivery dates, Request for Quote, Order fraud
detection, Interactive blog etc.

Along with this the application provide better performance
as Magento 2 uses Varnish and Redis caching.

Benefits After Moving to M2


From July after the Magento 2 launch, the average order value increased up to 25-30%


We noticed a steady growth of order count upto 20% Month on Month.


Despite the COVID 19 situation the average new customer aquisition has maintained its space and shown a growth upto 20% month on month.


Average order value has followed the consistent trend and started showing upward trend.

Tools & Technologies

Technology Stack Platform
Operating System Linux
Framework Magento Open Source
Version of Framework 2.3.4 Open Source
Hosting Platform AWS
Server Side Scripting Language PHP
Client side JavaScript, Require JS, Knockout JS
Markup Language HTML5
Database MYSQL
Version controlling Git
Bug Tracking System JIRA

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