Client Organization

The client is a global automotive telematics leader that drives efficiency in Connected Cars and Channel Management. Renowned for innovation in Data, Business Intelligence, and IoT solutions for the Global Automotive industry, they acquired Connected Dealer Services (CDS).

Project Brief

The client sought Sigma’s expertise for a ground-up Salesforce implementation at Connected Dealer Services (CDS), aiming to streamline operations, enhance lead and opportunity management, and optimize overall efficiency.


Key business needs and challenges of ground-up Salesforce implementation at Connected Dealer Services (CDS):

The client required a solution to seamlessly integrate and harmonize diverse data and processes resulting from the acquisition of Connected Dealer Services (CDS).

There is a critical need for the establishment of a cohesive Salesforce system to ensure the synchronization of lead and opportunity management, facilitating efficient order processing and enhancing communication channels.

They wanted to address the challenge of communication inefficiencies by implementing a solution that streamlines and enhances communication processes within the organization.

Optimize their order processing system to improve efficiency and reduce delays, ensuring a smoother workflow and customer satisfaction.

There was a business need to enhance lead and opportunity management within the Salesforce system, ensuring a more effective and organized approach to customer relationship management.


The expert Salesforce team at Sigma ensured the seamless implementation of a comprehensive Salesforce solution for CDS to address the business needs and challenges of the client:

Our Salesforce expert team initiated the ground-up Salesforce implementation at Connected Dealer Services (CDS).
Our seamless integration of third-party tools such as Pardot, Slack, and EDQ added layers of functionality to the Salesforce system.
Established an email alert system within Salesforce to facilitate proactive communication by automating notifications and ensuring that important updates are promptly delivered.
We meticulously configured and customized various modules within Salesforce, including lead and opportunity management, pricebook and order management, contacts, and user profiles.
Implemented automated workflows to streamline internal processes and enhance operational efficiency by reducing manual tasks.


Sales Synergy Unleashed: Boosted sales prowess with synchronized lead and opportunity management.

Operation Optimization Mastery: Turbocharged efficiency via sleek order management, slashing delays.

Collaboration Unleashed: Fostered synergy through seamless third-party integrations.

Workflow Wizardry: Unleashed automation for rapid decisions, slashing manual tasks.

CDS Drives Forward: Positioned CDS for auto industry dominance with scalable solutions.

Tools & Technologies

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Pardot Salesforce Sales Cloud

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