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Interest Smart Home Loans is an industry-leading mortgage technology built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and honesty that not only delivers maximum interest savings at closing but also monitors its client’s mortgage throughout the loan lifespan to ensure a seamless home buying or refinancing user experience and better management of resources.

Project Brief

Sigma has helped California-based Interest Smart Home Loans with the new CRM application that guaranteed impeccable quality, within a fast turnaround time.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges of developing a new CRM application.

The client wanted to exponentially increase the loan volume within a short time span of a few months and race ahead of other mortgage lenders.

They were facing a loss of interest due to the complexities involved with accessing potential lead information.

Lack of proper calendar and tasking system to track and create multiple tasks for loan officers.

They were unable to track their marketing efforts.

The client was facing an issue with the increased time and effort in formulating attractive re-finance proposals.

Their inability to track the current market value of properties and the credit score of the leads within the application was the biggest concern.


Interest Smart Home Loans engaged Sigma to solve their business challenges and needs with a new CRM.

We performed an in-depth analysis of the customer’s mortgage processes and systems to identify the bottlenecks in their operations.
We created a repository of lead records from various sources to allow the client to access potential leads information in a single place.
Our credit vendor integration enabled loan officers to get the credit score of the leads at ease.
We offered a built-in customized dashboard and reporting technology empowering management to design the best business strategies for targeting prospects & reward the users appropriately for the targets accomplished.
We added a campaign module to facilitate efficient communication over email, SMS, and voicemail for loan officers to follow up on leads, and develop relationships with borrowers and realtors.
We developed an in-built mortgage savings analysis tool to formulate attractive re-finance proposals to offer better savings on the current debts of the borrower.
With a built-in dialer, loan officers can now directly connect to their prospects from the application itself.
We delivered an advanced email management feature that shows the open rate and triggers an email to the user when the desired rate prevails in the market.
We added a chat feature to the CRM application to enable efficient communication among the internal users.
We performed zapier integration to get the leads from Jotform and Email using Zapier webhooks.
Integrated home value estimates into the existing system to help loan officers get the property’s current market value using the address shared by the lead/customer.
We developed a calendar and tasking system for loan officers to stay organized and track their daily, recurring, weekly, and recurring tasks.
Our finance management module enabled loan officers to get a detailed breakdown of expenses, revenues, and profits over time by fetching information automatically from the application.


With a user role management solution on the CRM, the client can now manage the functions of various officers on the application by assigning roles based on the type of user.

A few months after the launch client witnessed an increase in the number of potential leads by almost 15% with a definite increase in conversion rate.

The client now can focus more on the right marketing/business strategy to generate the best leads with customized dashboard access.

Access to a multi-featured and cost-effective CRM application with a fast turnaround time.

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