Client Organization

Founded in 1946, Kelly & Hayes (K&H) is a comprehensive distributor of US Standard Electrical, Plumbing, and Industrial Supplies to end users around the world. Located in Nesconset, NY, USA, Kelly & Hayes maintains strategic relationships with trusted brands and brings solutions to market at the most competitive pricing.

Their main customer segments are Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, and Military sectors. Kelly & Hayes specializes in US Embassy, OBO, and Government projects where US Standard Electrical and Plumbing equipment are required.

Project Brief

The B2B supplier needed a flexible ecommerce platform to support its customized pricing and shipping requirements. K&H has been in business for more than 70 years. Their brand is now a synonym to quality and value products when it comes to electrical and plumbing supplies.

Due to poor customer experience, manual efforts, and missed business, K&H needed an e-commerce platform which could support their global expansion and improve customer engagement.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges moving over to Magento 2

Powered by their expertise and strong brand, they wanted to further expand their markets globally for its potential B2B and B2C customers. They soon realized that their global expansion is constrained by the existing website.

Evidently so, their online revenue was hardly 1% of the overall revenue.

The website was too rigid as it didn’t allow for an integration with their ERP (xTuple) causing them to track inventory and add new products manually.

In existing system Price was not properly defined and hence they could not offer customized pricing to their preferred customers.

They could not provide an option of custom orders e.g. ordering a custom length of a product v/s the standard option and customer had to mention through order note manually.

Since there was no integration available to shipping platforms, their website was not able to show different shipping options.

Point in example, a standard UPS service won’t be able to ship some of the large items and the website wasn’t able to provide an option of the required UPS LTL/Freight.


The new website now offers customers an option of ordering custom configuration and cut of products. Basis the finish, configuration, length and number of pieces, the website calculates the price accordingly.
Sigma developed a feature-rich, flexible, and responsive website on Magento Commerce platform (2.3.3 version) and integrated it with xTuple ERP to eliminate manual work.
To address shipping issues, Sigma integrated UPS
LTL which showed shipping cost and timelines based
on the weight and the length of ordered items.
We have pulled price rule from ERP and customized
pricing by utilizing the same
price rules on Magento.


eCommerce business increased for Kelly & Hayes as buyer would get simple and easy to use interface which is search engine optimized.

Mobile visitors increased by 27%.

Customer can select what they need while placing order instead of manually entering their need.

Page views drastically went up by 23%.

Customer support can manage most of the things from ERP instead of 2 different systems.

Tools & Technologies

Tools Technology
Photoshop: To design User Interface Magento Commerce 2.3.3 with B2B Module
Dreamweaver: for HTML Slicing PHP
JIRA: Project Management tool HTML5
MEQP: Code Review tool CSS3
Skype: Internal meeting and discussion Bootstrap
Zoom: Client Meeting Jquery
Knockout JS

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