Lee & Associates has been a leader in real estate services including commercial real estate brokerage, integrated services, and construction services since 1979. Based in California, USA, Lee & Associates is an international firm with offices throughout the United States and Canada delivering the most advanced, up-to-date market technology and information to their clients.

Today, data and insights play a critical role in innovating and identifying leading business opportunities for real estate businesses worldwide. Lee & Associates leadership realized the power of real-time business insights and planned to set up a business intelligence solution with interactive dashboards to visualize all that critical information gathered since the past 20 years for both, forming their business strategy and its proper execution. The client was using multiple homegrown custom applications to build this solution, but they were not being able to effectively harness the true power of business intelligence in real-time.


The advancement in technologies has triggered the need for innovation in recent years, impacting commercial real estate heavily, and forcing businesses to adapt and rethink their business model. With the increase in the large volume of business transactions in the commercial real estate business, the client needed a best-in-class BI solution to centralize and automate their data management.The desktop-based applications and their prevailing system were not intuitive and supportive enough to offer accelerated and improved business decision-making. This is very much important for real estate experts to focus on relationships above all. To lead more efficiently and enhance the data capability to control the relationships with their customers in real-time, Lee & Associates engaged BI experts from Sigma.

Being a trusted partner of the client for more than 5 years, our most influential BI solution experts with an intricate understanding of their business and the real estate industry offered innovations so that they can leverage data to generate business value, use the benefits of the cloud (AWS EC2 and AWS ELB), and be agile.


Business intelligence experts at Sigma researched the latest factors impacting the commercial real estate industry the most. Besides increasing demand for multifunctional spaces, mounting need for sustainable buildings, prioritizing proximity to work and home,converting unused office spaces, rising real estate automation, redesigning housing developments, combining data with relational information, and shifting focus to consumer-centric technology; we have decided to offer an end-to-end BI solution that can help the client pull all future possibilities with sound data and information management.

We revised their existing reporting solution with Power BI for more detailed and real-time business insights.
Our BI experts offered the real estate behemoth with highly dynamic drill down and drill through reports and visualizations for improved BI experience.
We developed multiple Power BI reports and dashboards for the end-users to showcase and track various important KPIs of the Real Estate Industry.
We also offered the client an outstanding report navigation option where users can find additional and relevant information related to the reports.

(Numbers are modified for illustrative purposes)

(Numbers are modified for illustrative purposes)

(Numbers are modified for illustrative purposes)


With the intuitive BI report, the client now can easily find hostorical trends to check their business performance.

Access to the filtering option with slicer helped the client with better insights from business data.

Now the client can easily get access to the summary as well as a detailed level of information at one single platform.

Ability to collaborate this solution with MS Team with filtered user level access.


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