Magento eStore Solutions

Magento eStore Solutions for a sports brand

Sigma Infosolutions built a bespoke eCommerce solution on a Flash based CMS.

This enabled the client to deliver a shopping experience which is as close to what their buyers experienced in the retail outlets.

The Client

Leading supplier of American sportswear and equipment, North America. Headquartered in Texas, the client also manufactures ‘eco-friendly’ athletic apparel using organic and alternative fabrics.They specialize in golf, fitness, and running apparel.

Business Case

Before the client partnered with Sigma Infosolutions, sales were being generated only through the traditional retail channel. They now wanted to expand their reach. Hence, the client wanted to build an eCommerce capability into their existing website but didn’t want to compromise on the shopping experience delivered to their buyers. The client didn’t want to develop a stereotype online store using any content management system. They envisioned to build a shopping experience which is in tandem with their vision of everything being natural.

Business Benefits

Apart from giving their buyers a more convenient channel for purchase, some of the other business benefits that would come the client’s way are:

  • Increase in sales across North America
  • Increase in sales through online channel by almost 50 percent
  • Satisfying shopping experience for the buyers
  • Better brand building by leveraging online promotions

The original website neither had an eCommerce nor a flash capability to support the initiative. A stringent deadline of 8 weeks made it challenging for Sigma Infosolutions team to develop a custom CMS from scratch, integrate it with Flash technology, and then build complete eCommerce capabilities into it. It was imperative for the team to ensure seamless integration of the site with all payment gateways. The team also had to build features that would track and manage all online transactions and shipping orders.


The customer from the beginning was expecting pixel perfection in all the screens. The start-up logic and screens were customized based on the way the user is using the app. If the user just taps the NFC phone against a NFC card, the app will launch and take the user to a customized flow compared to the generic login flow.


Since, the client wanted the shopping experience to be interactive and similar to what their buyers have experienced in retail outlets, Sigma Infosolutions recommended a combination of custom Flash based CMS integrated with world-class eCommerce platform called Magento. The entire product catalogue and user data was integrated with eCommerce site. Sigma Infosolutions built a fast, flexible, and an extensive eStore that would cater to selling golf, fitness, and running apparel for both men and women.

Some of the salient features of the site are:

  • Index-able content to strengthen marketing initiatives.
  • Extends rich functionalities along with eye catching presentation.
  • Easy-to-use administrator console for future modifications by the client.
  • Shopping cart to manage purchases.
  • Wish-list to save items for future purchase.
Key Modules Developed
  • NFC integration in Android for supported models
  • QR code scanning and integration using the device camera
  • Facebook check-ins / integration
  • Foursquare check-ins / integration
  • Badges module tdisplay badges based on users point

The team used the following tools and platforms to develop an end-to-end eCommerce site: PHP, MySql, Magento, Flash, Action Script 3.

  • eCommerce
  • Magento

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