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A leading micro finance institution fosters the growth of small businesses efficiently.

How can I manage our operations efficiently as we pick up pace for our next wave of growth and expansion?

Client Challenge

The client was one of the leading micro financing institutions based out of the US. This institution used an MS Access based application to run its business processes, which was installed on every user desktop’s to perform various functions such as processing, review, funding, collections etc.

The Sales and Marketing team used SAGE ACT CRM for their specific needs, while the Accounting team used Microsoft Great Plains, which had been recently upgraded from Quickbooks. The backend processing and amortization calculations were performed using LeasePlus from LeaseTeam and a combination of spreadsheets. Besides these, ascore of other systems were also used for reporting and none of these systems interact or seamlessly exchange data with each other. As the organization was organically and rapidly growing, they were looking for a centralized system that could improve operational efficiency.

Client Journey

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to develop a centralized role based, task driven system that brought all the systems and processes under a single confederation. This facilitated seamless data sharing, faster management information and decision making efficiencies. The Sigma team built a complete custom HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery standards based ERP, CRM, Rules Engine and Marketing system for the client that enabled multi-fold efficiencies in application processing with reduced headcount.

  • Real-time communication across all departments with regards to loan status.
  • Streamlined real-time workflow of transactions.
  • Automated faster loan underwriting and decision making.
  • Vastly improved fraud detection.
  • New decision engine with ability to create custom rules/waterfall models for various departments.
  • Real time access to information & reporting.
  • Complex auto-saving in a multi-tenant environment.
  • Ability to consume any data source (Experian, Equifax, Paynet, D&B, Lexis-Nexis, Yelp, etc.
  • Ability to convert this into a platform that exposes services to ISO network, brokers, etc. via API’s or portals.
  • Authentication, authorization and auditing of all transactions for any future audits.
  • Ability to convert this intoa platform thatexposes services to ISO
  • Network, brokers, etc. via API’s or portals.
  • Currently processes 2300 apps per month and funds 350 loans which can be scaled up as per needs.
  • Seamless ERP and CRM functions under one umbrella.

.NET development service (C# and ASP.net), MVC 5.0 Architecture , Windows Workflow Foundation for State Machines , Service Oriented Architecture , jQuery, AngularJS for UX and responsive design, Scalable and Load Balancing capable, SSL and HTTPS based security, Web Services based Rules Engine (SQL and non-SQL datasources (MongoDB, Cassandra, Flat files) , TIBCO BI and Reporting, Tableau Reporting.

  • .NET Development Serices

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