Pentaho Web Based Reporting System


Web Based Reporting System

Improved customer convenience through Sigma’s web based reporting system.

Client Challenge

The client has been a leading provider of information on crude oil and natural gas prices to customers, ranging from industrial consumers, marketers, oil and gas operators, investors, litigation support, etc. The client combines multiple data sources into a single repository system.

Due to the scale of the client’s information sources, the database exponentially grew to a size of more than 100 million records. Since, the client never organized the database, Pentaho’s reporting tool took 15-20 minutes to compile one report. However, conditioning the database to improve search results, while reducing the report compilation time to a few seconds was challenging. Adding to this, Pentaho’s pagination functionality was not serving the client’s business need. Therefore, this system could not give real-time information to the users, thereby impacting the business.

Client Journey

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to develop, integrate, and test a comprehensive BI solution. Sigma’s team understood the system requirements and functionalities of the new system. Post this,
the team migrated the database from Foxpro to MySQL and then started developing the reporting tool using Pentaho and BIRT. The new system now:

  • Provides role-based access to business users.
  • Generates big and complex cross-tabbed reports in a few seconds.
  • Executes complex conditional column computations.
  • Extends the ability to export the report in MS Excel and PDF format.
  • Paginates the results of a report by page(s).
  • Generate more than 13 reports including 4 Ad Valorem reports.
  • Generates analytic reports which show index comparisons, well head comparisons of multiple leases and their prices, pricing data required for annual Ad Valorem tax preparations.
  • Gave customers 24/7 access to information.
  • Reduced turnaround time for sign ups from few days to a few seconds.
  • Saved overheads on CD procurement, management and distribution.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho Data Integration

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