Client Organization

The client offers great tools for multi-location retailers in the grocery business to sell, manage, and grow their business with an innovative cloud-based POS offering that enables offline stores to enhance their inventory management, checkout process, and overall customer experience.

*The client got acquired by Amazon

Offer consistent experience across channels

Superlative user experience on Web using PWA technology

Increase retention using our native Mobile Apps

Deliver delightful customer experience across channels

Easily manage your catalog using our CMS across channels

Flawlessly manage your orders with the ease of using our OMS

Exceed expectations with pre-built integrations

Reliably collect payments using our payment gateway solution

Integration with ERP and POS solution to have an integrated system

Project Brief

Perpule was using the PhonePay switch application and Magento as their backend to bring grocery merchants online from brick and mortar model and hence wanted to integrate multiple websites and stores in order to facilitate flexibility to various vendors in the local markets.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges of migrating to Magento 2 for the grocery business:

The client wanted to enable local online stores to increase their online presence by using PhonePay.

They wanted to allow their customers to login through the SSO setup with the phone number feature.

For different local stores like Towness, the client wanted to create PhonePay as the only option for payments using Magento at the backend.

They needed an Admin login for each and every store owner to track and manage the inventory.

To enable a feature where online store owners can see their own customer list for designing a better business strategy.


Our eCommerce subject matter experts evaluated the business needs and challenges of the client and suggested they move to Magento 2.

The Magento community version integration acted as a backend control and enabled each and every online store with Phonepay as a headless interface in the frontend.
For the SSO login setup, we have performed a custom development solution by integrating PhonePay API with Magento.
Our Magento experts customized PhonePay payment method integration to solve the business challenges of the client.
Our experts performed multi-website Magento integration to add each and every online store.
To ensure vendor-specific inventory management for multiple vendors, we have customized Magento by using 3rd party modules and facilitated vendors with access to their own products and customers.

Tools & Technologies

Technology Stack Platform
Operating System Linux
Framework Magento Open Source
Version of Framework 2.3 Open Source
Webserver Nginx
Server Side Scripting Language PHP
Client side JavaScript, Require JS, Knockout JS
Markup Language HTML5
Database MYSQL
Version controlling Git

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