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ExcelHealth Inc. develops FDA-cleared, medical-grade athletic training and recovery tools for professional athletes, trainers, sports medicine doctors, therapists, and consumers under an innovative brand called PlayMakar®. At PlayMakar, they have developed a portfolio of FDA-cleared, Class II medical grade athletic recovery and movement optimization products for athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts alike.


Develop a robust and integrated eCommerce ecosystem to provide seamless customer experience with new user experiences, improved product searches, and integrations like NetSuite ERP, HikeUP (POS-based system) with the ability to do Split testing (A/B testing).


Lower conversion rate due to site being slow and complex user navigation.

Resellers not being happy due to missing functionalities like discounts, net payment options, etc.

Admin didn’t have tools to effectively manage content.

Marketing was not happy due to lack of ability to do A/B testing.

WooCommerce was out-of-date and POS was not integrated with eCommerce.


The client was searching for a trusted eCommerce partner with comprehensive knowledge of the fitness and healthcare industry to solve their business challenges. After interacting with our influential WooCommerce technology and subject matter experts, they engaged Sigma to deliver solutions that can help them thrive and grow exponentially. For instance, where most of the organizations in the health, wellness & fitness industry were simply just trying to establish an online presence, our eCommerce experts offered solutions that will not only meet the client’s existing business needs but will make them more agile and future-ready as well. Some of these included:

Upgrading and optimizing WooCommerce and plugins to develop a suite of solutions that can meet the diverse needs of the client and resellers. 
Integrating with Hikeup POS to sync offline POS orders, and product review API integration to capture user feedback.
Customize WooCommerce order API for NetSuite integration, and added functionalities such as Autoship product subscription, requested shipping date, and one-time-order to boost their gross sales and also ensuring that users never run out of essentials.
Adding Reseller functionalities with which resellers can place orders from the reseller website with ease.
Improved navigation, implemented A/B testing, and improvements in user experience.
Offering control to Admin to make content management easier.


With one-time-offer and upsell functionality, the site attracts customers to buy additional products. This has led to increase in monthly gross sales by 405%.

Autoship subscription functionality helped customers to automatically buy the regularly needed products on a recurring basis, boosting number of orders by 396%.

PlayMakar can now easily attract resellers of the products with additional promotions and coupons options.

With requested shipping date functionality, the resellers can easily schedule bulk orders in advance. Resellers don’t need to make payment upfront and the payment is deducted automatically on the shipping date.

Hikeup POS system helped administrators manage all the orders in one place even if orders are from offline channels/stores.

A/B test helped PlayMakar to measure conversions, products in the cart, abandoned carts, etc. By tweaking these average order value increased by 337%.

Tools & Technologies

Tools Technology
WordPress 5.6 with WooCommerce HTML5
NetSuite ERP MySQL
HikeUp POS Bitbucket
Google Optimize for Project Management
Google Analytics PhpStorm: IDE

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