US based B2C Lending Platform for Loan Offer Rendering


The client wanted to help consumers learn more about credit cards, auto loans, and personal loans. This gave way to an idea for a website that functions as an online resource and marketplace allowing users to pre-qualify for loans. The client wanted a marketplace that allows the end users to be able to go to one place, input a few details, and get a quick estimate about how much money they are qualified to borrow from different lenders and how much would they pay in interest. These services can save a significant amount of time on research for the user.


Initially the client built a simple static WordPress website to advertise loan information. This definitely was not meeting the expectations.

Some of the problems with existing system were:

  • USER EXPERIENCE: The website was not very engaging and the interactive element was missing
  • NOT DYNAMIC: All lenders/partners information was hard coded
  • PERFORMANCE: They wanted to improvise load calculation and its performance
  • PLATFORM: Client wanted to stick with WordPress application with loan widget calculator and improvise over-all user experience using WordPress themes and plugins


The client reached out to Sigma in April, 2018. Sigma team began the project by performing an in-depth analysis of the customer’s processes and systems. This helped the Sigma team to identify the bottlenecks in their operations, and suggest areas which needed improvement. With our vast experience in developing efficient and effective processes for various lenders, we were able to present the customer with services that guaranteed impeccable quality, within a fast turnaround time.


  • Used WordPress As A Core Platform
  • Implemented Partner Logic Based On Domain Selected
  • Integrated New React JS Based Plugin FOr Personal Loans, Credit Cards, and Offers
  • Enabled Themes To Be Switched Based On Domain Between Main Theme And Partner Theme 


Framework: WordPress, PHP
Front end: React, HTML 5, CSS
Version controlling: BitBucket, VS Code
Project Management Tool: JIRA