Forex Trade Alert Software Day Trading Alerts & End-of-Day Trade Alerts



The Client is a global player in training and coaching people to invest wisely and make profits by trading Forex, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Stocks etc. Forex trading alert software constantly monitor the market for high-probability realtime buy and sell opportunities of Forex. The Client specializes in building over a dozen of effective trading systems, techniques that can predict with a high level of accuracy for fast and effective trading on 8 major Forex pairs. Headquartered in North America, it services a host of international clients online.




The Client’s envisioned versatile, dynamic and automated Forex trade alert software that spoon feeds trade alerts when a trade has setup and Entry should occur, the application can send alerts via Email and SMS message. Client designed Trading algorithms to generate trade alerts with precise trade entry & exit signals and automated trailing stop-losses. The Forex Trade Alert Software trigger alerts on Day Trading Forex and End-of-Day Forex Trade. Sigma Infosolutions’ proposed .NET technology to build the application from concept to an end-product.




The Forex Trade Alert software is built on complex technical analysis and supports built-in ever-growing Library of market indicators and strategy trading system. The alerts are produced on data which is fetched real-time on the charts and the last bar changes as fresh data is received from reliable and trusted Forex data feeds.

These alerts are based on specific trading system algorithms and can help traders to make trading decisions, whether or not a user should enter the trade. These alerts assist in easy decision-making and to make quick judgments, it’s very important for foreign exchange transactions. The software is integrated with international Forex feed providers like Xignite, FXCM, MorningStar.

Sigma Infosolutions’ .NET team successfully compiled the architecture required for the project.



  • Feed Capturing and set-up various kinds of notification alerts to ensure bad feed, service failure and untoward incidents are kept at bay.
  • HLOC (High, Low, Open & Close) data calculation from tick data and setting up automated infrastructure to support the application.
  • Enabling the system with various ways of processing, day processing, selective processing, single currency & strategy processing and reprocessing of the history data.

Initially the application just had a daily & fixed time based frequency processing infrastructure, but as the solution evolved we faced the need to enable the application with Single Currency & Single Algorithm processing to handle exceptions if any, individually without impacting or affecting the other currency data or information. Further the application was integrated with exchange wise setup to handle processing of symbols under one exchange.

Tracking and analysis of the validity of the various alerts, entry condition, profit target hit condition, stopped out alerts etc.

Sigma Infosolutions formulated an approach to test and validate the correctness of the application with different data points.




  • 40% cost savings on functionality development
  • Complete set of data, functioning alarms in real-time
  •  Ongoing operating costs at or better than budget
  • Low system Overhead and lower support costs




  • User Application-Windows, Build User application for Windows Platform
  • User Application-Mac Build User application for Mac Platform
  • Data feed Server Integration
  • Back-end Server – Alerts Processor




  • .NET
  • Java Script
  • PD