Real Time Data For Emergency Medical Services

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Client Challenge

The client is a web-based solution provider for emergency medical services. The client’s portal provides a cost-effective means to access an integrated processing system that contains all the tools and information necessary to manage the complete patient cycle, from emergency response to claims reimbursement.

The client was in need of reports and dashboards to organize and process patient data seamlessly, thereby ending redundancy. This would enable better application usage and offer visual reports for their clients.

Client Journey

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to develop an automated reporting engine which allows the users to monitor, analyze and manage, forecast and report the performance of various high-level business objectives.

The automated engine leveraged Jasper Reporting, Dashboards and Analyzer tools for additional analysis and visualization. Built on the Jasper BI Suite, the application extended numerous customization capabilities to users with analytics at its front-end. We were able to successfully set up a template for the reporting structure across all teams onboard. The solution enables continuous integration of infrastructure along with periodic checkouts with GITHUB (repository used) and pushed them onto the staging environment. The solution had 3 organizations in the suite consisting mainly of administrators, managers and users.

  • Monthly technical availability is more than 98%
  • 40% cost savings on functionality development
  • An empowered solution to optimize processes across the retail supply chain
  • Complete set of data, functioning alarms in real-time
  • Ongoing operating costs at or better than the allotted budget
  • Low system overhead and lower support costs
Key Modules Developed
  • Developed charts
  • Management dashboards
  • Automatic data loading scripts after login
  • Reports
  • Dashboards and ad hoc reports appears

Jasper BI Suite, MySQL

  • Jasper BI Suite

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