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Acorn Finance stands as the pioneer in embedded lending marketplaces for home improvement financing. Their Payment Options Platform revolutionizes lending by seamlessly connecting borrowers, lenders, contractors, and software providers. Acorn Finance’s commitment lies in empowering stakeholders to accomplish their objectives efficiently.

Project Brief

Acorn Finance faced challenges amidst the pandemic-induced market dynamics, witnessing fluctuations in loan origination and a decline in loan funding rates. The imperative was to sustain growth by diversifying their lender base and expanding their product offerings within the marketplace.


Key business needs and challenges of integrating lender marketplace to grow the client’s business:

Pandemic-induced market volatility disrupted loan origination and decreased loan funding rates

Increased demand for home improvement financing amid economic uncertainty and recession concerns

Observations of fluctuating loan origination highlighted the necessity to ensure stability and reliability in lending processes for the client

Need to continuously add new lenders to the marketplace and diversify product offerings to meet evolving consumer needs

Recognize the importance of fostering a robust and resilient marketplace amidst evolving consumer preferences and industry disruptions

Struggles with maintaining a competitive edge in the lending landscape due to limited lender variety and product offerings

Desire to establish a comprehensive and versatile lending platform to address the varying financial needs of borrowers in the home improvement sector

Concerns regarding the impact of market fluctuations on the long-term viability and growth of the lending marketplace


The expert team at Sigma ensured seamless lender marketplace integration to address the business needs and challenges of the client:

The Sigma team collaborated with the client to integrate three new lenders, expanding the lender base

Performed specialized integrations focused on comprehending and implementing innovative product offerings like home equity investment and 0% interest loans

Diversified the marketplace’s product mix to enhance its appeal and responsiveness to changing consumer preferences

Prioritized adaptability by introducing unconventional lending products, catering to the shifting demands of borrowers

Strategically identified and onboarded lenders to broaden the marketplace offerings and ensure their competitiveness within the lending landscape

Utilized market research insights to design and implement tailored lending solutions aligned with borrower expectations and market trends

Our team of experts conducted thorough risk assessments and feasibility studies before integrating new lenders and introducing innovative lending products

Emphasized the importance of establishing long-term lender relationships for sustained growth and stability within the lending marketplace

Leveraged technological advancements to streamline integration processes and optimize the marketplace’s functionality for seamless borrower-lender interactions

Maintained a proactive approach to stay ahead of market fluctuations, adapting strategies to navigate economic uncertainties and maintain marketplace resilience


Facilitated funding exceeding $7 million in loans, contributing to the growth and expansion of home improvement initiatives

Curated and presented over 3,000 selected offers to consumers, enhancing their access to diverse and competitive lending options

Expanded the marketplace by onboarding 22 new lenders, enriching the platform’s ecosystem, and offering a wider array of lending choices

Maintained a consistent client relationship over 5 years, highlighting mutual trust, success, and continued commitment to achieving shared goals

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