Client Organization

Rittenhouse Needlepoint (RNP) is a premier ecommerce Art and Craft supplier specializing in needlepoint, canvases, fibers, custom painting and finishing services, patterns and books, classes and more!

Project Brief

Migration of eCommerce website from Magento 1.7 to Magento 2.2 Community Edition including the third party theme integration and customization, extension installation and configuration, data, migration, custom module development, T Hub integration, custom product import, backend integrations, handle payment issues and few other features.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges moving over to Magento 2

Rittenhouse Needlepoint team wanted to move to Magento 2 Open Source to take advantage of its improved performance and better customer experience.

Not only this, they were experiencing a decrease in their sales in Magento 1.

They had many more products to be added to the store and hence wanted the Magento 2 application to be launched soon.

Existing system had issues with irregular payment and missing transactions

Impact on performance and searching the right products when their catalog size was growing


We have developed the B2B and B2C Ecommerce Portal using Magento 2.3.4 Open edition, there are many 3rd party modules and custom development was done to accomplish the project goal. Here are some of the key modules.

Layered navigation was implemented to allow users to filter products with multiple shopping options and built a custom module for search in the category page so that users can search based on different attribute sets.
Customized advanced search to display the category dropdown filter attribute. payment method was configured to fix the payment issues.
A mega-menu was implemented to organize their extensive 75K+ product catalog.
Leveraging Magneto’s robust features, we have created their four different stores in one admin for the ease of use.
We have resolved the performance issues during the process and optimized their product DB structure.


With the new mega menu and vast catalog size, the customers were able to find the products at a fast pace.

The layered navigation was a boost to users as it was easy and efficient to search their vast catalog and find the desired product quickly.

Checkout was much faster compared to the old site and all these led to an increase in conversion rate

With the robust catalog, performance was improved which enhanced the sales volume.

There was a drastic increase in the sales by 84% in just three months post migration.

The page loading speed had a significant improvement; the speed increased by 25% post launch of M2.

Tools & Technologies

Tools Technology
Photoshop: To design User Interface Magento Open Source 2.2
Dreamweaver: for HTML Slicing PHP
JIRA: Project Management tool HTML5
MEQP: Code Review tool CSS3
Skype: Internal meeting and discussion Bootstrap
Zoom: Client Meeting Jquery
Hosting : Nexcess Knockout JS

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