Social Media Data Analysis

Solution for social media data analyzer

Making Insightful Investment, Leveraging The Power Of Sentiments Gaining valuable trading market insights through Sigma’s automated online sentiment analysis solution.

Client Challenge

Social media sites, online forums, and news feeds generate an enormous amount of data about companies every day. The client wanted to process this large set of available data using dynamic tables to offer insightful predictions in an easy and comprehensible manner. The aim was to facilitate the better trading of stocks.

Client Journey

Experts from Sigma worked closely with the client organization to design an application that would help them study the market sentiments of various firms and represent them visually to their users. The application would automate and serialize gathered data from different social media sites and news feeds. Following this, the data is structured and run through data mining tools to generate the required customizable predictions, which help facilitate trading decisions.

Company data is collected and collated from Twitter and Yahoo news. However this solution can also be extended to analyze data garnered from other sources, which showcase and help analyze trading sentiments.

  • Facilitated dynamic module creation.
  • Customizable real-time design and software that facilitates customizable predictions for users.
  • Easily extendable to capture and analyze data from multiple sources that can be included in the platform.
  • Better insights to facilitate better investment decisions for users.
Key Modules Developed
  • Building the sentiment analysis processes/workflow for various industry entities
  • Automated the flow using WEKA processes
  • Derived multiple reports/charts based on these analytical records
  • Grails

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