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Napoleon Perdis is a leading cosmetic brand based in Australia, known for its high-quality beauty products and commitment to customer satisfaction. They sought to leverage the power of eCommerce to expand their reach and provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

Project Brief

Aimed to enhance their online presence and streamline their operations by scaling up the store features. The key objectives were to improve content management, optimize inventory management, enable in-store sales integration, collect customer reviews, enhance search functionality, offer Click & Collect service, and provide custom notifications to Click & Collect customers.

Business Needs & Challenges

Key business needs and challenges of streamlining operations and enhancing customer experience:

Content Management: A robust content management system is needed to allow easy updates and maintain brand consistency across different platforms.

Inventory Management: An efficient inventory management system is required that syncs real-time stock availability between their online and offline channels.

In-Store Sales Integration: Integrating their Online store with their physical stores to provide a unified shopping experience and optimize sales.

Customer Reviews: Collect and display customer reviews to build trust and influence purchasing decisions.

Enhanced Search Functionality: Improving product discoverability and enhancing the search experience for their customers.

Click & Collect Service: Offering a Click & Collect service to customers, allowing them to conveniently pick up their purchases from nearby stores.

Custom Notifications: Building a custom app to send notifications to Click & Collect customers, providing order confirmations, pickup reminders, and updates on availability.


Sigma analyzed and seamlessly integrated various solutions as mentioned below to improve the website, enhance user experience & streamline operations, covering content management, inventory synchronization, customer reviews, search capabilities, and Click & Collect notifications.

Prismic CMS Integration: Sigma identified that it is difficult for the client’s staff to update the static data on the website via Admin. So, we integrated Prismic CMS to manage the static content and sync it with the store when the content is published.
Netsuite ERP Integration: A legacy ERP was used to manage the catalog. Later we migrated to Netsuite ERP which enabled real-time inventory synchronization, preventing overselling and enhancing order fulfillment efficiency.
Retail Express POS Integration: As there was an increase in the number of offline stores beyond the capacity of the platform, Sigma suggested using Retail Express POS which connects with offline and as well as online stores for a better buying experience. Integration: For any product to sell well, customer reviews are more important to drive website traffic. It increases the trustability of the website. So, Sigma integrated to gather product reviews from customers and showcase the ratings on the PDP page.
Search-Related App Integration: The default search lacks an auto suggestions feature, so Sigma used a Shopify app to enhance product discoverability, offering advanced search capabilities and filters.
Click & Collect Integration: Sigma integrated the Click & Collect feature of Retail Express POS seamlessly into the online store, allowing customers to select this convenient option during checkout.
Custom App for Notifications: Sigma developed a custom app to ease the store’s functioning to send notifications to Click & Collect customers, providing order confirmations, pickup reminders, and real-time updates on availability.


The quick content update and ensuring brand messaging.

Real-time inventory synchronization, minimizing stock discrepancies, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Seamless omnichannel experience, ensuring consistent pricing, promotions, and loyalty rewards.

Growth in the conversions and product inquiries after implementing product reviews.

Improved search and product discoverability.

Providing timely order confirmations, pickup reminders, and availability updates to customers and saving customers time.

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