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The client is a national provider-owned group purchasing organization (GPO) dedicated to optimizing procurement processes and cost savings for its members. In their quest for more effective operations, they recognized the need for a robust cloud-based platform and chose Salesforce to streamline their processes.

Project Brief

Seeking Sigma’s specialized knowledge, the client pursued assistance with Salesforce implementation to streamline contract management, enhance data accuracy, increase productivity, and real-time insights for better decision-making.


Key business needs and challenges the client was facing before implementing Salesforce, a robust cloud-based platform:

Inefficient Contract Reporting: The client was struggling to generate comprehensive contract reports, leading to a lack of visibility and understanding of their contractual obligations.

Poor Association with Sales Representatives: The existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM posed difficulties in effectively associating contracts with respective sales representatives, hindering streamlined communication and collaboration.

Cumbersome Journey Management: Managing the entire customer journey within Dynamics CRM proved to be a cumbersome and time-consuming process, affecting overall operational efficiency.

Limited Visibility into Contractual Obligations: The lack of a robust system hindered the client from gaining real-time insights into contractual obligations, posing risks and challenges in meeting client expectations.

Inefficient Contract Lifecycle Management: The Dynamics CRM struggled to provide a seamless contract lifecycle management process, impacting the client’s ability to track, renew, and manage contracts efficiently.

Data Fragmentation and Discrepancies: They were facing challenges with data consistency and fragmentation within Dynamics CRM, leading to discrepancies in contract information and hindering accurate decision-making.

Complexity in Sales Rep Performance Analysis: The inability to easily associate contracts with sales representatives made it challenging for the client to conduct effective performance analyses and optimize sales strategies.


To address these challenges and enhance operational efficiency, our team at Sigma Infosolution worked closely with the client to implement Salesforce and provide comprehensive support. Here’s how we helped:

Creating new objects in Salesforce: We identified the specific requirements of the client and created custom objects within Salesforce to accurately capture and track essential data. 
Setting up validation rules: We established validation rules to ensure data integrity and maintain consistency throughout the system.

Establishing necessary business processes: We defined and implemented key business processes within Salesforce, including contract management, sales pipeline tracking, and customer relationship management.
Assisting in the setup of Pardot: To further enhance marketing capabilities, we assisted the client in integrating and setting up Pardot, a powerful marketing automation platform.
Creating fields for the objects: We configured custom fields and data types to ensure that all relevant information could be captured and properly organized.
Configuring page layouts: We tailored the user interface by configuring page layouts, allowing their staff to have a clear and intuitive view of their data.
Developing reports and dashboards: We created insightful reports and intuitive dashboards that provided real-time visibility into sales performance, contract metrics, and other key data points.


By implementing these tailored solutions, the client experienced significant improvements in their operations. The benefits achieved include:

Streamlined contract management: The client can now easily track and report on contracts, associating them with the respective sales representatives, resulting in improved contract visibility and accountability.

Enhanced data accuracy: Through validation rules and standardized processes, data integrity has been strengthened, leading to more reliable and consistent reporting.

Increased productivity: The user-friendly interface, optimized workflows, and automated processes have boosted overall efficiency, allowing their staff to focus more on strategic initiatives.

Real-time insights: Custom reports and dashboards provide the client with valuable insights into their sales pipeline, contract performance, and marketing campaigns, enabling data-driven decision-making.

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